Saturday, June 13, 2009

Now, where did I leave off?

Oh ya, WINE and CHEESE!!

What better way to really get to know some fabulous girlfriends than enjoying fabulous food, drink and conversation.

Tasha graciously invited us to enjoy our girl’s night in at her cute little condo right in the heart of the city.  Girl, how did you live in that tiny space for soooo long?  :)

Pictures say a thousand words.  It’s like we’ve all been bestest friends forever!

Look at this spread: IMG_1229

Cheesy, cheesy goodness! (the food, not the ladies!)


Jen and Tasha

Let me just tell you that every single one of these ladies is more lovely, sophisticated, and fabulous in person.  Photos just don’t do any of them justice!


Angie and Cat


Jen, Tasha, et moi


Angie, moi, Cat


Amy, Jen, Cat, Angie, me, and Tasha.  Amy joined us late after a reunion with a long lost school buddy.


Um, and she’s not even holding all of the empty bottles.  tee hee.  Blog Girls can drink!

Needless to say, our conversations are effortless.  You would never know that some of us just met for the first time.  We all feel as though this a reunion that was a long time coming…what a feeling it is!  :)


OK, and this is totally random…but Angie and I think it’s funny that the toiletries in our hotel room are friendly to the food blogger world.  Quinoa, tamaranth and seeds & grains.  How appropriate!


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Anonymous said...
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Fatinah said...

thank you, thank you, thank you for labeling the pictures! It looks like you're having such a great time!

Jessie said...

You gals are so cute! I love a girls' weekend!