Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nuts n Honey

In less than 24 hours, I will finally get to meet the lovlies Cat, Jen, and Amy!!  Angie and I are leaving on a jet plane early tomorrow morning, arriving hot on the heels of Amy and meeting up with Tasha for sushi on Queen Street.  How very Toronto of us!  We’ll be squealing all afternoon waiting for Cat and Jen to get in.  What a night it will be!

Today was a bit of a gong show.  During my teleconference something went wrong with our company’s server and killed our whole website.  Eeek.  My whole job (minus email) relies on our website.  Needless to say, our meeting went a little off course (but it was a lot shorter!!) and then I had to play catch up later in the evening when things finally came online.  Not the day I needed to be working late! 

Lunch before the meeting…at my desk…and yes I ate right out of the big mixing bowl.  :)


Salad du jour: mixed European greens, shredded carrot, red onion, chopped green apple, chopped mixed nuts, cubes of gouda, dressed with a drizzle of honey and EVOO


Salted Kettle Chips on the side.  (I really need to pick less crunchy snacks when I’m on my conference calls!)

After the call, while I was waiting for work to recommence I got started on my packing and had my shower, etc.  I wanted to squeak in some yoga but the next thing I knew the system was working and I was back at it.  I had a small bowl of Kashi Honey Almond Flax cereal with soy milk to tide me through the afternoon.


When 6:30 rolled around FH and I went out for dinner.  Cooking wasn’t an option tonight.  Besides, we needed a mini date before I go away for the weekend!  At The Armview I ordered a BLT and fries.  Comfort food for a hectic day.

 025 026

Look at honey’s tall burger in the background.  It is called the Dingle Tower burger, in honor of the Dingle Tower you can see from the restaurant.

Now I’m just finishing work, finishing packing, doing my hair (better to straighten now than to do it at 7am!), and hoping to get an hour of quality time with FH.  Not sure how my posting will go over the weekend…I wasn’t as diligent about my plans as some of the other girls have been.  Have laptop will travel though, so I’m sure we’ll be keeping you informed of our shenanigans!

Look out Toronto…the Canadian Blog Girls are on their way!!

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Cat_82 said...

I'm so excited except I'm having the hardest time packing!! I have no idea what to bring......

Can't wait to finally meet you Jaime!!

don't forget your mugs!

Lex said...

Have a wonderful time in TO with wonderful company!!

marie said...

Have a safe trip! See you this weekend!

Amy said...


farm girl. said...

drink for me. shop for me. eat for me.

have an fan tas tic weekend!

Jen said...


I am almost all packed and the power is back on (thankfully!)...I can't wait to see you tomorrow!!!!

Lady J said...

You girls all have a blast in TO... and I love your pedi too sweetie, it'll go perfect with your new dress!!

Love ya xoxo

Bec said...

Mmm I havent had a BLT in so long!!! I may need to get one at work this weekend!

Lynn said...

I'm so excited for you guys, have an awesome time!!!