Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pizza Sunday – Rainy Day Edition

Aw man, I was exhausted when I got up this morning.  I guess I’m not cut out for too many 3am nights anymore!  hehe…I seem to have a lot of them lately.

I started my morning with a much needed cup of coffee, then set to work making a batch of Tina’s Oatmeal Raisin Bars.  We had a BBQ with some of FH’s work buddies to attend…and although we were told not to bring anything I hate to go empty handed.  Those bars are so quick and easy to whip up, it took no time at all.

A bowl of Stonyfield Farms organic vanilla yogurt with delicious fresh blueberries and the last of the Kashi Honey Almond Flax cereal was my breakfast for the day…


Sorry no photos at the BBQ (explaining my blog to Navy strangers wasn’t something on my to-do list today!), other than this one of their awesome view.  The weather was crappy today, but can you imagine what this would be like on a sunny day?  AMAZING. 


The food was lovely and simple, so it was easy to eat healthy.  I enjoyed one Strongbow cider (I was driving), one homemade bar-b-qued chicken & veggie skewer, two of my oat bars, and a few trips to the veggie and fruit platters.  Yum Yum.

Once we got home, I got to relax because today was FH’s turn for Pizza Sunday.  Nice.  Look out world, heart attack pizza coming through!!! 

This week’s offering:  Bacon Double Cheeeeeeseburger

His crust was doughy and lovely.  I got him to give me the recipe for you guys this time…he added his own spices to jazz it up, but click here if you want to try it out.

089 090

Topped with sauce, seasoned ground beef, TONS of cheese (mixed cheddars PLUS mozza AND parm), crispy bacon, diced onions, and canned mushrooms.  Cheeeeese heaven.

092 096 

I could only handle one (motherin’ huge) piece and served mine with salad so the veggies would help keep me “balanced”.  haha.  In the big salad bowl:  mixed lettuces, tomatoes, yellow peppers, cukes, and matchstick carrots with balsamic vinaigrette.


For the rest of the night it’s been water, water, water…and tomorrow there will definitely some sweating time at the gym!

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Kelly said...

That pizza looks sooo delicious! Yum! And the salad too! :D

Angie All The Way said...


Anonymous said...

At least there's a veggie on the pizza ;) Does looks pretty good though!