Friday, June 05, 2009

Relay Day Fuel

9:30 am:

Coffee on the run


10:30 am:

Crumbled banana coconut oatmeal muffin and sliced strawberries mixed with an individual Liberte vanilla yogurt.  Holy yum!


1:00 pm:

Easy salad of tomatoes, cukes, a smidge of red onion, fresh basil, and a sprinkle of balsamic.


Paired up with some hummus, Mary’s crackers, Grissol crackers, and the leftover tuna from last night’s sammich.

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4:00 pm:

Smoothie (Day Five!) for the road:  strawberries, frozen 1/2 banana, light vanilla soy milk, raw oats, flax meal, whey protein isolate (plain, found at Bulk Barn), and a splash of OJ to thin/sweeten…if this doesn’t hold me over, I don’t know what would!  :)

033030  034

All Night Fighting team fuel:

Sammiches…ham & cheese, or turkey & lettuce

029 027 028

Oatmeal Trail Mix Bars


Snacks a plenty…yogurt pretzels, deluxe salty nuts (dirty!), chocolate peanuts, ORGANIC (read: expensive) gummy bears


Wish us luck!!!  And keep those donations coming. 

Pledge center is available until June-26th!!

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Jen said...

You are such a good snack maker!!!

I hope you guys have a blast tonight!!!!

farm girl. said...

YEA!! not looking like a coffee run - sorry!

Lady J said...

Those truly are the most amazing sliced strawberries you had with that yogurt... you got them to look exactly like raspberries you little devil you!! ;o))

Angie All The Way said...

FYI: Go fill up on our fav larabars at PO pronto! :)