Tuesday, June 02, 2009


1) If you haven’t already, please visit the link on the side ---> and DONATE to Relay for Life in support of the Canadian Cancer Society.  I broke my original goal on Friday, but since my plea for more pledges I have only received one more (thanks Mikey!!).  In just three days my team and I will be staying up all night for the cause, and we could use your support!

2) No one has offered up any smoothie recipes for Smoothie Week.  Come on…I know all you lurkers (hello 73 followers, at least 120 visitors per day…and only 3-8 commenters!!) must have some great ideas so please share them!! Is there anything you would like me to try that you have been afraid to do yourselves?

3) If anyone has tried any of my recipes, please make sure to give a shout out on your blog…and shoot me a comment or email and let me know how it went.  If you include a link or a photo, I’ll gladly mention you here on Embracing Balance.

4)  If you are participating in Smoothie Week, or if you just think it’s a good idea please TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS!  Post a link to me and let me know about it and I promise I’ll remember you the next time I’m sending out love in the form of baked goods (or if I ever get any free swag to review I’ll be sure to share!!).


OK, now that all of my shameless self promotion is out of the way…lunch!

Last night I marinated up a Greek-ish salad.  Today I just had to add in the chickpeas and toast up a pita.  Deeeelish.


In the bowl: English cucumber, tomato, red onion, orange pepper, light feta, Kraft Calorie Wise Balsamic Vinaigrette, Greek seasoning, chick peas.


Served with a (80 calories!) whole wheat pita, toasted in the oven and brushed with EVOO.  Big dollop of organic hummus for schmearing.


For a little something sweet afterwards…dried pineapple & cherries.  On the windowsill for size observation…it’s a tiny little 1/4 cup ramekin.  :)


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Espressomama said...

OK, but most of my smoothies are brown. I do a mean all fruit - just throw in whatever you have - total energy jolt but a little high in sugar and calories. This morning I blended an apple, ginger root, and a few handfulls of spinach. I have been known to throw spinach into the fruit smoothie -it is a most unattractive colour, but tasty and energy packed.

Marissa said...

Your salad looks yummy! I'll have to try it out sometime (and of course give you all the credit)!

Krista said...

First of all I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I just found it recently and it has become one of my favorites...even though I haven't commented much (or at all??)

I'm just getting on the smoothie/monster banwagon and whipped one together today....cold coffee, 1/2c. almond breeze, 1 small banana, splenda and a squirt of sugar free chocolate syrup! It was yummy.

Look forward to trying lots of your recipes and I'm sure I'll be commenting more as well :)

Jen said...

*laughs* you ARE shameless - I LOVE it!!!

Okay, I WILL be sponsoring you after my mortgage payment this month...we have a banking appointment and I am keeping every penny in it (just like I am flossing my teeth for the first time in two weeks - ew! - before my dentist appointment tomorow night!)

ANNNNNNND I suck at making smoothies...I have NEVER had one that tastes good, EVER!!!! So you don't WANT my ideas!!!

OH and I love that Kraft Balsamic dressing!! I use it ALL the time!

Jaime (Embracing Balance) said...

Welcome Krista! I added you to my blogroll so I can check out your blog too!!

Jen: You are a doll!!! We Relay this Friday...do you think you can do it in time? The trick to a good smoothie is to turn the blender on a walk away...so you blend the living bejesus out of it. :)

Angie All The Way said...

I WILL also be throwing a pledge your way of course ;-) Strange but it was the same situation with me and the mortgage guy!

I always throw ya linky love dahlin'

Amber said...

I take smoothies for lunch almost everyday! I usually put strawberries, banana, milk, yogurt, pineapple (VERY important ingredient), mango and ice in it. Sometimes other fruit is thrown in there as well, but those are my main ingredients and lately I've been adding spinach and making a GREEN monster!!

PS: I know when you flew a few weeks ago you wrote a post about bringing food on the plane. I tried to search your archives for it but can't find it! Anyways, I'm flying on WestJet tomorrow and I want to bring a granola bar and a banana and maybe some strawberries. Do you know if that kind of stuff is OK???

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