Sunday, June 07, 2009

Smoothie Week – Day Seven may have noticed Day Six was missing...yesterday just wasn't a smoothie kind of day, so I owe ya one!  (Day Five was rolled into this post.)

After two days of random eating, all night walking, snacking and a rich and decadent date-night I was looking forward to getting back on track today.  Hence, an actual Green Monster!

Back to basics today.  In the blender:

- 1/2 frozen banana

- 4 fresh strawberries

- 1 tbsp almond butter

- 1 tbsp flax meal

- 3 cups organic baby spinach

- 3/4 cup vanilla Almond Breeze

Deeeeelish. Smooth, sweet, and creamy.


The almond butter was a new ingredient this morning.  Not sure that it was worth the calories since I couldn't taste it and I don't think if affected the consistency or holding power in any way.  Think I'll skip it in the future.

Served this alongside another delicious croissant and a bunch of grapes.  Yum Yum!

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Lady J said...

Where were you when you took the pic in the bathroom mirrow?? You look beautiful by the way... xoxo

Angie All The Way said...

Interesting! Because I waivered on whether to include the almond butter too and I sub'ed it for PB2 one day and I noticed that without it, it lacked that creamy something.

I had one again this morning and for some reason my taste buds picked up on the spinach "twang" (i'll call it) - likely because I wanted to finish off the container of spinach, so I might have pushed it too far!