Thursday, June 04, 2009

Sooooooooo close!!

I am only $155 away from my new $1000 goal for the Relay for Life.  I’m scurrying around sending emails and re-writing my Facebook status constantly trying to rope in a couple more friends or family members (or blog readers!!!) to join the cause and pledge a donationTomorrow is the big day! 

I am just sooooo incredibly pleased with the support thus far.  So much more than I expected with only two weeks of fundraising.  Please help me hit that $1000 goal!


After yesterday’s less than motivational treadmill experience I decided to elliptical my way to a healthy me this morning.  Besides I don’t like to treadmill run two days in a row anyway…hard on my joints.  But I had to drive FH in extra early (6:55 ewwwwww) so I had to hit the gym (only one time ever have I driven him in and not gone to the gym, and that’s because I was really sick…if I’m up and out then I should be constructive with my time!).

Elliptical: 20 minutes intervals (ramp 6 vs ramp 20, medium tension), 5 minute reverse cooldown

For strength training I tried to cover a bit of each base.  I got my full upper body session that I missed out on yesterday, plus a little bum action and some core work.  With the 12 hours of walking I’ll be doing tomorrow night I didn’t want anything too strenuous on the lower body.

3 sets of 12 (higher weight, lower reps):

- tricep pulldowns (17.5lbs)

- bicep curls (30lbs)

- military presses (30lbs)

- side to side bends on upsidedown bosu (to stretch sides and work core)

- squats on upsidedown bosu

- hamstring curls on the ball

- regular crunches


As for the Day Four Chocolate Monkey Smoothie…it’s holding power was not good.  Two issues at hand… 1) The reason I am not usually a smoothie drinker is because even if it’s protein packed or calorie-laden I still find myself wanting FOOD.  I prefer to EAT rather than DRINK my meals.  2) Even though each component had protein (oats, banana, almond milk) it just wasn’t enough to actually fill my stomach.

Immediately after drinking my smoothie I was rummaging around the kitchen looking for something else.  I settled on a handful of organic animal crackers hoping the crunch would work.


It worked for about an hour and then I was actually getting hungry for real.  I held it off for a while with coffee, but in the end I opted to eat my lunch earlier than planned.  Lesson learned on this particular smoothie!

Lunch was leftovers from the uninspirational Lemon Chicken Spaghettini.  I added more lemon, more dijon, more salt & pepper, some organic baby spinach, and some matchstick carrots. Topped with extra fresh basil. This helped for sure!  Veggie love, baby.


Served with a side of Mary’s crackers (I really need to remember to review these!) with herby light cream cheese and some carrot sticks.


AND I’M STILL HUNGRY!  Holy Hannah people.  (That reminds me…I did get a doctor’s appointment but of course it’s next week!)

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Sue said...

I keep seeing these Mary's crackers and they look great. Where do you get them?

kathrynboland said...

I am a big smoothie fan!

Starting to eat healthier has left me still hungry too.

I wanted to send you an email, but I couldn't find it on your blog.

You can email me at

Espressomama said...

That's why I keep my smoothie so lean in the morning - it is a great energy jolt soooo good for you - I use a little fruit and spinach and my Omega oil. Then, about 9:30 or 10 I have my fruit, cereal and yogurt. Makes a happy me and seems to keep me trucking along, even if I go for a run at lunch.

eurydice said...

i prefer to eat things too - although when it's really hot out that is not the case. so far it's not hot enough!

Angie All The Way said...

I think you would find a difference with actual added protein in the form of powder, although that said, I am a fan of eating and not drinking my calories too.

I'm not a conclusion jumper, but what about the possibility of an "over" active thyroid? I'm sure there's a million other possibilities for feeling hungry, but I think those "bottomless pit" kinds of hunger pangs are related somehow.