Tuesday, June 23, 2009

There’s Sand in My Booty

Tonight was my first class of Booty Camp, along with some other Haliblog girls (thanks for the name Farm Girl!).  I went into it knowing it would be a good workout, but hoping it wouldn’t be too hard or too easy.  I also knew we would all laugh our asses off the entire time.

Our instructor, Heather, is personable, easy going, and super qualified.  Not only is she a trainer at a local gym, but she also just completed the Kineisology program at Dalhousie.  We like her!

First, I should tell you that this entire event took place on a sandy outdoor volleyball court…but not nice, lovely sand…grainy, scratchy, wet sand.  However, I’m kind of glad it did because it helped up the intensity/difficulty level. 

Heather explained that we switch areas of focus when the songs change.  Start with cardio, then squats, then lunges, more cardio, some upper body, some core…you get the idea. For the most part I found it a good workout and fairly easy…although I will admit that it’s pretty easy not to give it your all.  With 25 women in the group, it’s hard for her to whip us all into following exactly.  I’m hoping with a few more sessions she’ll get more “boot camp” on us and start really giving people hell for slacking.  We shall see.

After our hour of power, we all hung around Farm Girl’s car enjoying some fresh strawberries she brought from her family farm.  Deeeeelish!   We were waiting on our turn to weigh in and get measured (yes, Mouse she put the scale out on the road!!  it was the only flat place…haha), and wouldn’t you know it but the local Red Bull car pulled up.


So we all had a good time getting free sugar-free Red Bull (which I won’t drink but it was fun to get free swag) and sitting on their car for a photo op.


Lynn, me, Farm Girl, Lex, and Angie 

So, all in all, a fun first day.  I’ll try to take it more seriously in the sessions to come.  Honestly though, so far it seems like it caters to folks with little to no fitness level and is mainly a weight-loss program…neither of which really fit me at this point.  We shall see!  I really just want to get better at real pushups!


Before I headed out, I had my planned fruit in the afternoon…


and an On the Glo granola bar about an hour before class.


When I got home I scarfed down the leftover chicken salad on whole wheat with some greens.


Today I got five litres of water in.  I’m definitely hydrated.  :)

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diana said...

Just found your blog today - love it! I am sooooo in need of getting some serious running and power yoga on - really, I need some zip in my life!
Do you have a post of your inspiration - what motivates you?
Thanks for letting us know where you got the cool water bottle. Now I just have to find some free shipping offer for Lululemon!!!!
Your boot camp sounds and looks like fun!

Angie All The Way said...

One down 15 more to go! lol

So fun :-)

Vanessa (Last Night's Leftovers) said...

Sounds like a blast!

Lex said...


and GIRL, you are a hoot!! It was great meeting you all and having you ladies see me at my worst hehe

Anonymous said...

LOVE the title of this post. Says it all!

:) So much fun, can't wait for Thursday!

marie said...

I think your review of it was VERY accurate.

I don't feel so bad for bashing it now :)

I'm glad you all had fun, though. You're all so cute!