Monday, July 13, 2009

460 photos, 3400 emails, 7 days to catch up

I’m baaaack!!

Yesterday was mainly a travel day.  Flight home was uneventful…in fact on my second leg from Ottawa I slept pretty much the entire way (which means I got no blog posts written!).  Nice.  I was exhausted and felt blah due to the lack of good food in my system (a Tim Horton’s muffin just doesn’t cut it for breakfast).  I am so stoked to return to my healthy eating regimen…particularly salad!

In fact, I wanted salad so bad I decided to try the Mediterranean Salad from McD’s for dinner (got home too late to hit the grocery store).  It was pretty good.  Lotsa feta and the dressing was Renee’s.  Only real complaint is that the olives weren’t kalamata, just regular black olives.  Oh well.  Better to have a boring olive than a McChicken, right?  :)

442 443 444

I know, I know…you’ve been waiting like 10 days for the food porn to return and I give you McDonalds.  haha.

Last night was spent enjoying a long hot shower, comfy jammies, and some couch time with my kitty.  Poor Mr. Stoopy sure doesn’t love a week alone with only the neighbors popping in to feed him.  Poor guy.


I plan to do a grocery shop today (the produce section won’t know what hit it!) as well as a long, hard gym session.  Here are a few Winnipeg teasers to hold you over until I can get everything organized and put some posts together…

025 070034 048  190195124 214128258 301 386329 435361

Yes, you saw some humping monkeys in there.  That one’s for you, Mikey.  :)

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Sharper said...

Welcome back!
Don't matter where that salad comes from, it looks good! I don't like any olive, so I'd pick those out anyways. olives = eww.

Awesome pics! especially humping monkeys.

FatFitnessFood said...

Great to see you back! Loved your vacay pictures. Such beautiful scenery!

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Welcome back! Can't believe you had 3400 emails. I would have a heart attack ON THE SPOT if I came home to that!!

H-woman said...

Great photos--especially the humping monkeys!

H =P

Lainey said...

Ha ha! Nice pics!

Aww, poor Mr. Stoopy! I hate leaving my cats. But it's not much fun to take them with me, either! lol.

Mikey said...

yay, monkey sex! I love it that people think of me when they see animals having sex!

Angie All The Way said...

LOVE that pic of you guys on the tilt-a-wirl!!!!!!!!