Sunday, July 19, 2009

And the sun will come out….TODAY!

Mid-way through my day I had to come home and change out of the jeans and t-shirt I started out it because it got too HOT. Yippeeeeee!

The day started out with a call from Farm Girl letting me know that we’d received an email from Heather cancelling our make-up Booty Camp session today. One look outside and I could see why…still foggy, wet, and disgusting. Boooo. My sore back thanked me though. It doesn’t seem to be getting any better…I guess an extra trip to the chiropractor is in order. Gah.

So since I was already up, there was no sense in wasting the morning. I quickly got the coffee brewing and curled up on the couch with my Sookie Stackhouse book. After my first cup and a few chapters I made a light breakfast to get me moving.


Another yummy cheese scone warmed in the oven, 1/2 banana, fresh strawberries and a dollop of almond butter.


After breakfast I got dressed, got another load of laundry in, and headed out to another mall looking for luggage. On the way there I got a call from some friends asking if I wanted to meet them at the waterfront to check out the Tall Ships and get some ice cream. Boy did I! So I quickly got my luggage and then raced downtown.

Ugh. Traffic nightmare. It took me 30 minutes to travel what usually take 15 minutes, then when I got all the way to the water it turns out that all of the public parking lots are closed to the public. Ya, so after another 20ish minutes of driving around (at a snail’s pace) trying to find street parking I gave up. I was already 30 minutes late meeting them and I still had no hope of parking (THIS is a major downfall of not really knowing the area!!). So no boats or ice cream for me. :(

By this time the weather was scorching hot and I wasn’t dressed for it so I headed for home. Stopped for a McD’s ice cream cone on my way…and decided to try their new Blueberry Raspberry Sundae. Yummmmmm. Just the right size.


Once home I was glad I made the decision to leave downtown. I got so much done!! Put on my shorts and bikini top (and sunscreen!) and spent the whole afternoon outside. Planted some flowers that I’ve been waiting weeks to plant. Pulled a month’s worth of weeds from the back garden and part of the lawn. Mowed the lawn. Generally tidied up.

In between the weeding and the mowing I stopped to eat and enjoy the rest of my book. Snack plate consisted of organic old white cheddar, carrots, yellow peppers, hummus, raspberries, and Kashi crackers.

011 013

And today was the perfect day to crack open my Blueberry POM and make myself an icy spritzer. 1 part POM to 3 parts club soda. Perfectly refreshing!


After mowing the lawn (even after waiting until 6pm to do it) I was sweating like crazy so had a long, cool shower then decided that using the oven would be the worst idea ever. I reasoned that the dinner I had planned could be completely done on the BBQ so set to work.

Enjoyed my first Coke Zero of the Summer season…


Fresh beets..scrubbed, quartered and simply tossed with EVOO, sea salt & fresh pepper.


Beet greens…trimmed, chopped and tossed lightly with a smidge of EVOO, lemon juice and salt.

004 023

Fresh Atlantic salmon…seasoned with a little lemon juice, dill, salt & pepper.


Yummy yellow tomato salad with boccincini cheese & fresh basil.


All together….deeeeelish. Perfect meal for a hot day…and there’s leftovers!


After dinner and a bit of TV I cleaned the downstairs bathroom, dusted the entire downstairs, polished the dining table and chairs, Windexed the coffee table and end tables, vacuumed the whole downstairs, and Wetjetted the living room floor. Whew.

So by then I was ready for dessert…I bought more of those incredible fresh local strawberries so chopped up a few of those and topped with organic vanilla yogurt and a handful of seeds & almonds. Perfect end for a perfect sunny, productive Sunday.


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Lady J said...

You are amazing... :o)

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to make some Pom Spritzers soon, looks so refreshing!

Rachel said...

What a lovely day - very colorful!

Vanessa (Last Night's Leftovers) said...

Sounds like an awesome day! Food looks awesome, as usual :)

Angie All The Way said...

I got all dressed and was just about ready to brew some coffee and have some breakfast with my eyes practically glued shut with fatigue when Lesley called. I was kind of sad because I wanted to get a good workout in, but happy too because I was so dang tired!

I just had a Pom spritzer this afternoon! So yum!