Thursday, July 02, 2009

Bootying Right Along

Whew, day 4 of Booty Camp done!  That sneaky Heather has been reading our blogs so she knows when we’re whining!  Wait.  She hears us whine for an hour every Tuesday and Thursday.  haha.  Tonight was a good night…even if she is still torturing us with thousands of lunges…she’s noticed improvement in most of the class so we must be doing something right!  I finally figured out the downward dog pushups, managed to do five real push ups before collapsing to my knees, and held my plank for almost the entire time!  Yaaaaieeee planks!  (was that ME that said that?  WooT!) Of course, I countered those successes with a dismal display of kickboxing knee crunches…pathetic.  I’m so uncoordinated sometimes!  *groan*

Sadly I am missing next week.  Sucks to that.

(Oh I forgot to mention that I did yoga yesterday…definitely need it on Wednesdays!  Gentle Hatha #1 from  All those downward dogs were a great stretch!)

Now, on to the good stuff…fooood!

Up early so yes people I made coffee!  And loved every last sip.

Cuppa #1


Cuppa #2 with breakfast.  The final bit of Stonyfield Farms organic vanilla yogurt, fresh blueberries, and chopped walnuts.


For lunch it was a “clean out the fridge” salad.  Spinach, cukes, matchstick carrots, tomatoes, yellow pepper, shredded mozza.  Dressed simply with EVOO, fresh ground pepper & fresh ground sea salt.


I LOVE this handy-dandy sea salt grinder I got at Superstore.  What a difference this thing makes.  The coarse salt is awesome!


Served the salad with a couple more pieces of that tasty ciabatta bread, toasted under the broiler, and spread with a smidge of real butter.  Nummy.  Yes, I ate out of the big mixing bowl…saved a dish!


For a sweet treat, I dug out some of these Food Should Taste Good chocolate tortilla chips.  Odd, but tasty.  Even better when dipped in the Cinnamon Raisin Swirl PB!!  :)

024 028

After an appointment and picking FH up from work I needed a snack and decided to make it protein filled to tide me over through Booty Camp.  Sliced a banana into a half serving of Liberte crack Coconut yogurt and crumbled in a roasted almond Nature Valley granola plank.  Deeeelish.  Banana Cream Pie!


For dinner after Heather kicked my ass around the grass I was lucky enough to have leftovers of last night’s chicken stirfry.  Devoured straight out of the microwave in about 2 minutes flat.  I was a hungry girl!!!


Hungry is right.  Proven by the not one, but TWO Kashi bars I snarfed back while sitting here!  I’ve also got my hand jammed into the FSTG tortilla chips again and have guzzled two litres of water.


Tonight is an evening of “to-do”.  Laundry, start packing, paint toenails, work on blog, make final to-do list for work, catch up on little work things, clean litter box, etc.  You know…all the shit that has to be done before a week off.  :)  *deep breath*

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Bee said...

i love that starbucks mug :)
have you been in this week? there was an entire new launch and some of the new mugs are soo cute!

Vanessa (Last Night's Leftovers) said...

I freaking love that yogurt.

farm girl. said...

and i'm still looking for that yogurt! i stopped into PO the other day to look for it, and COMPLETELY forgot about it when i got there!

Angie All The Way said...

That's nuts, I JUST bought a sea salt grinder at Costco on Tuesday and was going to say how much I love it! lol We soon are all going to start having our cycles in sync ;-)