Thursday, July 30, 2009

Daydreaming of Fun in the Sun

Holy Hannah.  It’s already after 3pm.  The day totally got away from me.  So much work (OK, and too much TwitterTweetdeck is addicting!).  At least now I seem to be caught up on all the work from yesterday and I have a couple of hours to get through my own things.

The sky has just opened up and is pouring a hard rain on Halifax right now.  Booty Camp is going to be disgusting if it isn’t cancelled.  eeeeek.  Oh well, a little mud never killed anybody, right??  Right??? 

If it is cancelled maybe I’ll have time to work on downloading my new music based on all of your fabulous recommendations.  I haven’t had a chance to read all of your comments yet, but I’m excited to get downloading!  If you haven’t already, go to this post from yesterday and let me know your favorite motivational songs.

Breakfast this morning was deeeelish.  A fresh blueberry scone from the store (toasted up in the oven) with fresh green grapes, fresh peeled clementines and a dish of Liberte Svelt organic vanilla yogurt for dipping.  Yum!  Served with coffee of course.

002 003 004 

I pulled out my Vegas mug because lately I’ve been thinking about Vegas a lot after a bunch of my guy friends went down there for a bachelor party and posted Facebook photos.  Good times.  One day I need to get back there for a proper visit, instead of just work trips. *sigh*

Today’s late lunch is larger than usual so I will be prepared for my workout tonight.  If Booty Camp is cancelled I’ll be taking myself to the gym for another fabulous run and some lower body strength training.  My quads are killing me again from Tuesday night so the only thing to do is work them some more!! 

Lunch was filling! 

In the salad bowl today: organic baby spinach, chopped tomato, red onion, bocconcini cheese, and a drizzle of Renee’s Italian Spring Herb dressing.


Topped with a leftover smokie from last night and a side of pickled beets.


At the last minute I included a PC Blue Menu multigrain flax bagel with light herby cream cheese.  Should keep me going for a few hours.  :)


Hee hee, now that I posted that photo of the whole meal I see a happy face.  Happy Lunch!!!

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Vanessa (Last Night's Leftovers) said...

Umm...yum! That sucks about the rain though :(

Bee said...

im going to Vegas in Oct! :)
so excited!