Sunday, July 12, 2009

Guest Post: Open-Faced Morning Sandwich

hi everybody, eurydice here. i am a 28-year old female from toronto, ontario. almost three years ago i lost 40 pounds by following the weight watchers plan and i've kept it off through a combination of exercise and a healthy diet. right now i'm training for the scotiabank waterfront half-marathon in september - my first race ever. booyah!

i don't really bake too much but i do cook a lot of easy meals. this one is a protein powerhouse and is really easy to make and quite tasty if i do say so myself. it's a good alternative to hot cereal when you want to feel like you are eating something with a bit of substance for breakfast.

Open-Faced Morning Sandwich


1 slice of cape seed bread (or other sprouted grains bread)
1-3 slices fat free or low fat deli style chicken or other lean meat
1 slice fat free or low fat cheddar cheese
1/2 cup (ish) free range egg whites from a carton
hot sauce, to taste


1) admire your seedy bread. it's going to be so yum.


2) toast bread. excuse my crumby toaster. i make a lot of crumbs.


3) pour egg whites into a bowl. it's a good idea to spray your bowl with cooking spray first. trust me!


4) i find free range eggs and egg whites taste better. i can see the chickens enjoying the free range in my mind. it's nice. oh, and i got those daily vitamins at target for super cheap even though they don't expire until 2010. target - come to canada!


5) oops, i forgot to say, microwave your eggs. so step 4 is really microwave your eggs. i find 1/2 cup of whites takes about 1 minute and 20 seconds in my microwave. step 5, lay your chicken slices on your bread. you can put down some hummus or salsa on your bread if you like a "moist" bread. i like mine CRUNCHY so i leave it plain.


6) now, you can add a slice of cheese on top of the meat, if you want. i didn't take a photo of this because a slice of processed cheese, although tasty to me, is not very visually attractive, especially under the bright lights of the flash. when your egg is cooked, slide the patty out of the bowl and put it on the sandwich.


7) add hot sauce. i like chili lime. hot sauce is amazing because it's very satisfying. you don't need much and after you are finished eating, you are really finished!


there you have it. seven easy steps. if you are really hungry you can add a second slice of bread to complete your sandwich. i find it filling enough with just one because of all of the protein, and because we (as a culture) eat too much bread anyway.


- Eurydice

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Cat said...

I wish I liked Eggs Eurydice! That looks fab.

Is it horrible that I didn't know you lost 40 lbs!? That's amazing. You looked so fit, slender and stunning when we met, i would have never guessed that you had ever had much weight to lose. I thought you were just on the quest to improve your fitness!

You look gorgeous and I'm so proud of your amazing loss!!

PS: Miss you Jaime!! :)

eurydice said...

i'm famous!