Monday, July 13, 2009

I Love Normal

Vacations are awesome, but man do I love that feeling of being back in control.  Today was a bit tough due to the lack of groceries, but I still rocked itDay one = success.

For breakie I broke into a new box of cereal.  Nature’s Path Heritage O’s served with light vanilla soy milk.  Too crunchy and tasteless to be honest.  If it wasn’t for the soy milk these would have tasted like nothing (funny enough I think they might be discontinued because I got them on sale and I can’t find them on their website). I’ll have to get creative with the rest of the box…hmmmmm.


It was so nice to get back to my tasty Starbucks coffee today.  While on vacay we were drinking whatever the hostess was offering in her carrafe, and let’s just say that I was using extra sugar plus real creamer to make it taste good.  Today just a big splash of the light vanilla soy milk topped up my delicious joe in my fun new mug.  (haha, my Winnipeg souvenir is a Starbucks mug I could have bought here…but I LURVE IT!)


I forgot to take a photo of lunch.  Oops, still getting back into the groove.  Trust me, it wasn’t photo worthy anyway…two small ww tortillas spread with a little light cream cheese.  One with cucumber and one with tomato.  Shockingly both of these veggies lasted the week in the fridge!

After work I had to head out for groceries.  Starvation was setting in and I just couldn’t face anything from the pantry or freezer.  Fresh food was mandatory!  A nice stock up:


including my FREE bottle of POM, which I won from Julie.  I forgot to get soda for spritzers though…so I’ll have to grab some this week.


For dinner I made myself a MEGA Greek salad.  In the bowl:  cukes, toms, red onion, kalamata olives, light feta, chick peas, fresh basil, EVOO, sea salt & pepper.

461    Piled this on top of a bed of organic baby spinach.  Served with a big glop of roasted garlic hummus and some mini Bretons I found in the cupboard (which turned out to be very stale and promptly made their way to the compost bucket).


Salad heaven!

After dinner settled I took myself to the gym.  I wanted to go for a solid hour and a half, but things ran late so I only got in about an hour.  But I busted my ass the whole time and felt great and tired when I left.

Treadmill:  possibly one of my longest continuous runs to date.

- 10 minute incline power walk

- 23 minutes jogging at 5mph (5:1)

- 3 minute walking cooldown

= 400 calories burned, 3 miles travelled, 36 minutes

Strength:  found a nice quiet spot in the yoga room all by myself.

- 25 squats

- 50 single leg squats (25 each leg)

- 50 stationary lunges (25 each leg)

- 10 downward dog pushups

- 10 regular pushups (girlie)

- 50 bicycle crunches (25 each leg)

- 25 reverse crunches

- 1 minute plank

Stopped at Sobey’s for some sale berries on my way home (still holding out hope that one of the Halibloggers will take pity on me and bring me a basket of local strawberries from their weekend berry picking adventures!).  Raspberries and blackberries will have to do for now.


Mixed some of those fresh berries with a half serving of Coconut Liberte that lasted the week in the fridge, topped with some hulled hemp seeds for protein and chew.  Yaaaieeee. 


So great to be home!

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Vanessa (Last Night's Leftovers) said...

Still sorry we couldn't get together :(

Looks like you are totally back on your game! :D

Lainey said...

You guys and your healthy pictures are starting to turn me around to a "healthier" way of eating, rather than just eating a certain calorie level. I realized today that I really have no idea how to eat healthfully, so I'm trying to learn about that now.

Anyway, in my readings I came across the suggestion that honey can heal ulcers. I don't know if it's true or not, but I thought of you...maybe it's worth a try, right?

Mary Sailors said...

This is Fantastic!! I just posted a Blog on having balance in life on my site!! Can't wait to follow you!

Anonymous said...

Great job with making day one successful! Your salad looks delicious!

Angie All The Way said...

Yayyyyyy for back to normal!!!!

I just got to reading your post now and I would have brought you berries had I read your post before I left this morning!

I'm a little iffy on bootycamp actually. My knee has been killing me for over a week. There's no way I'm going to be doing repetitive lunges and squats. I'll approach her when I get there maybe and see what else I can do. It's SUPER sore!

Rachel said...

What a fantastic day of great choices! Vacation is always welcome, but I bet your body was happy with you for this day :)

Jaime (Embracing Balance) said...

Thanks Lainey. That's interesting to hear. The ulcer hasn't actually been bothering me so I think the pills finally kicked in. Slow but good, right?!

Vanessa, I'm still bummed. Oh well, I'm sure I'll be back.

Catatonic and Mary: Thank you and welcome!

Angie: what did you do? Don't strain your poor knee!!

Julie said...

What kind of Pom did you get???
I still have not gotten mine yet. I always forget the stupid coupon at home.

Anonymous said...

Glad to have you back Jaime! Missed your daily posts.

I was going to try that cereal but after hearing your review, glad I didn't waste my money.

You TOTALLY rocked it with your food & gymbo! :)

Cat said...

Welcome home dearest!

You were much missed.

That POM juice I find a bit um....tart, but then again, I'm not a fan of tart. I cut mine with soda too and it was yummy!

I have a giant tub of hulled hemp seeds in my desk drawer to eat with yogurt....SO good for you!!

yay for getting back to the gym.

Bee said...

Welcome home and back to the healthy eating!
You rocked day 1!
LOVE the Starbucks mug! I have a set of 4 and I adore them! :)