Friday, July 03, 2009

I <3 Planet Organic!

After my appointment yesterday, I had about 20 minutes to kill before picking FH up from work so decided I would take a chance and stop by Planet Organic to see if they had any of my favorite Larabars in stock.

(Those of you that read regularly know that it’s freaking impossible to get your hands on the Peanut Butter Cookie and Coconut Creme Pie varieties!)

Looking at the Larabar rack I was disappointed yet again.  Boooo.  So I grabbed a couple of other flavors (as well as a delicious looking lactose-free ice cream and some Kettle Chips on sale…) and headed up to the register.

This time I decided to be brazen and ask the girl at the counter about the two full boxes of bars I always see sitting behind the counter…obviously put aside for someone.

Me:  This is probably a totally rude question, but is there any chance that you can sell or open those boxes?  They seem to have been there for like a month.

Girl:  Actually, we just put those there today.  We have a customer that orders them in every week or two.

Me:  Gah.  I should do that.

Girl:  (reaching under counter) Was it the Peanut Butter Cookie?

Me:  (contemplating kissing the girl) YES!!

Girl:  (brings out box FULL of PB and Coconut)  Apparently we just haven’t restocked.

Me:  (beaming with huge grin)  OMG.  You rock.

Girl:  (looks at me like I’m nuts)  No problem.

031  033 

I bought four of each. 

Plus the other three I had already picked out.

I am now prepared for my trip to Winnipeg.  I shall not go hungry with 11 Larabars in my purse.  Woooooo.

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Kelly said...

I've never tried, or even seen a Larabar before. I'm curious to see what they taste like :)

Jodi said...

LOL I was going to see if they have larabars in Manitoba and theni read " i shall not go hungry in with 11 Larabars in my purse" ... lol But I will check in Bdn when i go next week... they sound delicious! You will be officially only 2.5 hours from my house when u are in Wpg...(unless you are there when we are in on the 16th for an appt for my son!lol) Have a great trip!

Bec said...

Where my parents live (and well I live for the summer) there is only one place to buy larabars and they only ever have the worst flavors plus the cost 4$ each... so basicly I have to do without :(

Jen said...

*LAUGHS* my little larabar addict!!! I love it!!!!

I hope you get your grass too!!!! (I giggled when I read that!!)

That's awesome that she helped you it!!! Being brazen DEFINITELY helps!!!!

ManoloMandi said...

I FINALLY found peanut butter cookie the other day after searching for at least a month. I think I hyped it up so much in my head I only thought it was OK, but I have 2 more left that might change my mind. The coconut, however, omgdeliciousness! :). I would have wanted to kiss the girl too haha