Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lime is the new Lemon

While at the cottage this weekend we realized we had all of the ingredients for salad but neglected to pack anything resembling salad dressing.  Ooooops. 

But we did buy limes for the drinks!  Voila!

We were all sceptical but our host pulled it off.  Yummy refreshing tart salad!  Who knew it was that easy?

Since I failed to take photos of said salad, I decided to recreate it today for your viewing (and possibly chewing!) pleasure.  I give you Tart Cottage Salad (er, or something like that!).  :)


In the big bowl:  organic baby spinach, chopped tomatoes, chopped English cucumber, cubes of marble cheddar, and (the star ingredient!) chopped Granny Smith apple.  Dressed with the juice of half a lime, salt and pepper.

009 010   



Served with some Kashi crackers for some crunch…although they seem to have gone stale so not very crunchy…booooo.

Enjoyed on the deck with my book in the sun.  yaaaaieeee for sun!!


Before heading back up to my office I heated up my second cup of coffee for the day and grabbed a mini apple danish (I have now frozen about half of these so I’m not tempted to eat one every time I pass through the kitchen).


ooooops, backtracking!  I forgot to start with breakfast.  LOL. 

While waiting for coffee to brew I enjoyed two of the mini clementines I bought last night.  Juicy and sweet.  Deeeelish.


Then another Blueberry Chia muffin with my first cuppa.

007 008


Stayed tuned for tonight when I show off the pics of the cottage crew and their fishies (don’t worry…catch and release!).

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And now to finish work and head to the gym.  I needs me a good run!

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