Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Mini DIY Vacation Booty Camp

Yesterday morning I was pressed for time, but being Tuesday I wanted to get my vacation Booty Camp time because I knew my fellow Halibloggers at home would be working up a sweat with Heather. I don't want to be tooooo far behind my girls!

I did a similar run to Sunday's, but admittedly there was a little more walking. My lower back isn't loving the futon we've been sleeping on and is making everything in my body a little tender. It was still a solid 3 km of cardio though.

For my mini-workout at the school park I took an idea from Amy's 15 Week Challenge and decided to use the bench for my exercises. Squats (30), step-ups (30), tricep dips (15), pushups (15) and a plank (30 sec). I wanted to do ab work as well, but they had just mowed the field and the mosquitos were out in full force. Instead I did some walking lunges and then jogged back to the house.

Not bad for a 1/2 hour. :) Pin It


Angie All The Way said...

Oh yeah sista!!! WOOOT!

Lex said...

Dude - seriously - you are awesome!! Not a lot of ppl would exercize like you on vacation!
Show 'em how it's done!!!
Missed ya yesterday!