Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard

I was going to wait to post anything else today, because I am only two posts away from 1000 posts!  I thought if I could just do one tonight, then tomorrow morning could be the big celebratory post.  :)  But I just have so much to blog about since I’ve been slacking so badly the last month or so that I just couldn’t wait!

First things firsttoday’s eats…since that’s what I’m really supposed to be here talking about, right?  :)

The fridge is almost bare.  FH drank all of the milk (bugger).  The spinach went bad.  There is no fruit in the house.  And I’m working today so shopping has to wait until tonight.  What’s a girl to do?

Good thing I am the QUEEN of making something out of nothing when it comes to food.  LOL.  Still managed to keep it fresh and healthy…pretty proud if I do say so myself.

Breakfast was easy.  I had the yummy Blueberry Chia muffins that I froze on Thursday before I left.  Thawed out two of those fresh-baked babies to enjoy with my coffee this morning. (Coffee #1 with the ridiculous sploosh of skim milk FH left in the fridge…coffee #2 had to be made with Almond Breeze.  Bad FH.)

phil, cottage weekend 102 phil, cottage weekend 104

Lunch plan was for either a salad or a green smoothie, but the spinach smelled disgusting so sadly 2/3 of a container went to the compost.  Boooo.  The rest of the veggies seemed to have made it through the weekend though, so I rustled up a couple of small veggie wraps instead.

phil, cottage weekend 107

On the small ww tortillas:  melted shredded mozza, salsa, yellow tomatoes, matchstick carrots, yellow peppers, & red onions.

Served with a big ol’ carrot to clean out the last of the hummus.

phil, cottage weekend 105 phil, cottage weekend 109

After lunch I poured up a glass of Blueberry POM, which I’m sipping on now.  My flowers seemed to have weathered the weekend well.  :)  I didn’t make it into a spritzer this time because the club soda lost it’s “spritz”.  It’s strong, tart, and slightly sweet without the soda…deeeeelish.

phil, cottage weekend 114

In other fun news, I just learned that I was staying in the home town of one of my readers this weekend (Milton, ON) (after leaving the cottage) and I didn’t even know it!  Booo to that…I was literally staying right across the street from the Starbucks she works at.  I would have loved to meet Bee!!  We just discussed how we were both freaked out during the crazy lightning storm I mentioned the other day.  Poor girl was actually in a baseball tournament when the storm blew in…talk about scary!! 


I’m hoping to have copies of other people’s weekend photos for tomorrow, so I can show you the fishies that everyone caught.  They managed to reel in one HUGE Muskellunge that they were all pretty friggin’ stoked about! 

In the meantime, I’ll tell you about the glutonous meal I enjoyed for lunch yesterday.  I actually remembered that I’m a food blogger and took photos! Phil had told me about this new chain in Ontario called Wild Wing and once we started talking about it we knew what we HAD to have for lunch.  I picked one (I am Canadian), he picked one (Beach House), and we chose one that we would both like (Gar-Par)…PLUS some crazy fries with cheese, gravy and bacon (although our arrived sans bacon…they were still freaking awesome though).  See the menu here.

cottage weekend 092cottage weekend 093 cottage weekend 095  cottage weekend 096 cottage weekend 094

I haven’t had chicken wings in YEARS, so these were a great treat.  I really enjoyed mine, Phil said his were only OK though, but I think the winner was definitely the Gar-Par…how can you beat garlic and parmesan?  I mean, really!  :)

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Cat said...

Drooling over cheese covered fries...

Missed you J!

Great job pulling together delicious looking meals without a lot! Looks great!

Bee said...

im so sad you didnt post about being in milton earlier! i was most definately just hanging out on sunday after that freek lightening storm!
and i was most definatly hanging out at the bux later in the afternoon!
so sad!
come back to milton!

itsawrapteacher said...

1000 posts?! We're going to have to celebrate.

Anonymous said...

I have such a hard time pulling together meals when I only have bits and pieces. Usually I just waste money and go to the store, guess I should get more creative. ;)

Those wings look so good!

eurydice said...

milton is really close to my parents house - in fact, my bff lives in milton. those wild wings are real food porn!