Sunday, July 19, 2009

Soggy Saturday

Yesterday’s weather can only be described one way…YUCKY!  Although it was still warm, it was grey, foggy, dismal and wet.  Boooo.  I had things to do though, so ventured out in spite of Mother Nature’s bad mood.

Slept in and got a late start so decided to forgo food and coffee at home…fine with me…Starbucks stop!


Double tall non fat vanilla latte, banana chocolate chip multigrain loaf…along with some Sookie Stackhouse and a little Rachel Ray.  The ladies and I had a nice leisurely sit in a comfy chair.  :)

Afterwards I headed for the mall.  I was on a mission for new luggage.  Nothing fancy, but a matching set that isn’t broken would be nice.  My extra large suitcase has been busted for ages and after Toronto I decided to let it die.  My regular suitcase is a zillion years old and owes me nothing, and since the retractable handle broke on the way to Winnipeg I decided to bury it with the other one.  Unfortunately Sears had nothing I was willing to pay for and Bentley didn’t have any matching sets that I liked (I’ll take a PASS on the zebra stripes or hot pink thank you very much).

Instead I managed to sidetrack myself in clothing stores.  hehe.  And not the clothing stores that sell the waterproof Spring/Summer jacket I was supposed to be looking for.  ;)

After an hour or so I could tell my “breakfast” was wearing off so I quickly made my way through Wal-Mart and Superstore, then headed for home.  I was proud of myself for not making any impulse purchases while shopping while hungry.  Instead, when I got home I dove into the fresh local strawberries sitting on my counter. 


Then immediately got to work on dinner.  Nicole at Another One Bites the Crust has been working her way through Rachel Ray’s Big Orange Book, which reminded me that I’ve never made anything from that book…so I leafed through it the other night and decided that this gloomy weather called for Chicken & Biscuit.  Basically it’s a take on chicken pot pie for one.  Sounds good to me!


Possibly one of the easiest meals ever.  This is the extent of the actual prep work (yes I separate knives for the chicken & veg)…


And it allowed me to buy this deeeeeelish box of cheese scones (I was going to make my own Bisquick biscuits, but these were so fresh and yummy looking!)…






Not a bad resemblance!  Definitely tasty comfort food…next time I think I’ll try fresh veg though because I’ve become a frozen veg snob.  :)

For the rest of the evening I just did a few loads of laundry and looked after my back while laying on my couch.  I squeaked in about 5 minutes of easy yoga exercises and although they felt good at the time I don’t think they helped.  I really could do cat-cow all day long though…love those!

I watched the movie One Week with Joshua Jackson and really enjoyed it.  Good story told from the heart and because it is all Canadian landscapes I just loved to watch it.  Oh, good soundtrack too.  And excellent Gord Downie cameo.  :)  Check it out.

Dessert was simply 1/2 a banana chopped up with organic vanilla yogurt and the last of my sticky granola bars.


If you had one week to change your life, what would you do?

I can’t say for sure, but there’d be a trip to Spain in there…

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Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

Dinner looks delish! The scones look heavenly!

Hmmm.. thought provoking question! I will ponder that after my brain functions with some coffee;P

eurydice said...

i like the idea of that pot pie for one ... mmmm.

as for your question, the cottage i went to was in "wyevale" which is close to the slightly larger but still ho-dunk town of "elmvale" which is somewhat near the larger town of "barrie" hehe.

Sarah said...

Pot Pie looks very good!
One week to change your life...that is a hard question, I'll have to think some more and watch that movie of course :)