Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Walking Advertisement

If Lululemon sold running shoes I could officially outfit myself in their gear from head to toe!  As I got dressed in my Lulu shorts, with my Lulu sports bra, my Lulu tank top, my Lulu hoodie, and grabbed my Lulu water bottle (oh!  and my Lulu headband!) I couldn’t help but have a little laugh at myself.  I certainly have brand loyalty! 


I had a GREAT run at the gym tonight.  Booty Camp got cancelled due to pending bad weather (funny enough it wasn’t raining at all during the time we would normally be at camp) and since I haven’t been able to work out properly since last Wednesday there was no way I was missing my workout now that my back is on the mend.

I didn’t want to tackle any weird bending, lifting, or muscle training today so I opted for a solid cardio workout.  I had my LONGEST RUN EVER today!!  Wooooooo.  50 minutes in total…about 38 minutes of which was running (3 minute warm-up, 5 minute cooldown, and 4 x 1 minute walking pitstops).  I’m so proud. :)  Finished up with 10 minutes on the rowing machine just to work a few upper body muscles and to make an even 60 minutes of cardio.

Today’s eats…

Sadly the sun was definitely not shining this morning so I stayed under the covers for a few extra minutes and then sulked over my first cup of coffee


Threw a Kashi bar in my purse as I ran out the door for my bikini wax appointment.  (Saved me from trying to reward myself with a Starbucks trip…hehe  “no Jaime, you don’t need it…you have Kashi!”)


When I got home I grabbed my second cup of joe, plus another of those awesome cheese scones.  After heating it in the oven it was a bit on the crumbly side, but I still managed to smear a little raspberry jam on there.

004 005

With a small dish of organic vanilla yogurt and the last of the fresh blackberries.


Lunch was easy.  Leftover salmon pasta salad.  Yum Yum!


And half a banana with cinnamon raisin PB before heading to the gym after work.


By the time I got home from my fabulous run I was FAMISHED.  I went straight to the kitchen to put together a massive salad of mixed ingredients from the fridge.

In my big bowl:  bagged romaine, carrots, yellow pepper, white mushrooms, tomatoes, chick peas, chopped up bocconcini cheese, chopped up leftover BBQ chicken, balsamic vinegrette.  Deeeelish. 

027 028 

Eaten directly from the big silver bowl.  Munched on some Kashi crackers for the carb-a-holic in me.


I am craving a treat big time, but since it’s already after 10pm I guess I’ll have to settle for bananas and milk or something easy like that.  I’m currently thawing some blueberries so I can make some muffins but it looks like those will have to wait til morning. 

I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow!  First up…8am appointment to finally get that thermostat part for my car…I managed to put it off for three months.  (ewwwww, there’s an 8 AM?)

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Lynn said...

Whhoooohoo!! Congrats on all that running, you did awesome! :) We'll all have to sign up for a 5K... or actually run the Run For The Cure.

Yummy eats too!

Julie said...

Your food pics look yummy as always.

As for my trip.
No I can't do it... The prices skyrocket big time... I regret not getting it last week like I had planned.
On another note I may go up to Halifax to clear my head. Maybe we could meet??

Roxy said...

Great run girl. Where did you get cinnamon raisin PB?