Friday, July 17, 2009


Sorry for the lack of post last night, folks!  Partially due to a sore back and partially due to a VERY long phone chat with my Mom I totally forgot about blogging until it was way past my bedtime.  And this morning…well, I took this morning off…hehe. 

I don’t know if it was all of the walking planks at Booty Camp on Tuesday or all of the extra stretching and bending at Flow Yoga on Wednesday, but something strained my lower back something fierce.  It was bothering me all day yesterday but I was determined to ignore it and go to Booty Camp…but when I bent over to tie my shoes to head out I knew that I had to suck it up and take the night off.  I was bummed.  Spent the rest of the night laying on my couch.  boooooo.  It seems much better today though so I think it was the right thing to do.

Anyway, yesterday’s eats…

Deeeeelicious morning coffee made with cinnamon…demerara sugar and unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze stirred in.


Second cup served along with sunflower flax toast with cinnamon raisin PB and sliced nanners.  Yum Yum.

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Lunch was the fastest salad ever

Into the bowl:  two big handfuls baby spinach, handful raspberries, handful blackberries, 1 oz cubed light cheddar, palmful mixed seeds, drizzle EVOO, drizzle from honey bear.

Finally cracked the box of Kashi Ranch crackers.  Tasty side of crunchiness.

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Couldn’t resist a couple of sticky granola bars for an afternoon snack.


For dinner I wanted comfort food because I was feeling blue due to my sore back and lack of Booty Camp.  Pancakes have come up in conversation a lot lately (thanks A LOT, Phil!!) so I pulled out the box of Bisquick for a quick half batch.


Sprinkled with PB chips for a tasty treat.


Sautéed half a chopped banana with a smidge of butter and maple syrup.


Topped up my three fluffy pancakes with the sautéed bananas and more syrup.  Deeeeeeelish.


Last minute addition of some hulled hemp seed for added protein and texture.  Love these little things.  Best blog “fad” as of late.  :)


Yummy in my tummy.  After my pancakes and a THREE HOUR phone chat with my Mom, I felt better.  Exhausted, but better.  I slept like the dead. :)

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Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Omg. Those pancakes with the banana look SOOOO good. I must try that!

Cat said...

I have a tub of hemp seeds in my desk drawer that I have been adding to yogurt for months! I didn't know anyone really knew much about them. Apparently, they're a major SUPER food....I just need the extra protein so that's why I love them. Have you tried those chia seeds yet?

Sounds like a long day! Hope your three hour chat was a good chat! I don't think I'd last that long on the phone with my mom without exploding.... I guess it would be different if we lived across the country from one another.

Mmmm...pancakes....darn phil....

Anonymous said...

Ugh sorry to hear about your back, hope its better soon.

Those pancakes look AMAZING!!

PS. I'm trying out those new bars tomorrow! :) The recipe sounds totally yummy.

Lisa said...

Hope your back feels better Jaime! Take care and rest up! You can always do a makeup session at another camp or do a double header back-to-back!

Lainey said...

Oh no! I've been repeatedly hurting my back since last December--by doing things that seem innocent enough, like putting something away, etc. This is what I've learned--don't bend over. Ever, if you can help it. It's the worst thing you can do to your back. You're supposed to squat instead if you have to pick something up.

I'm glad to read yours is doing much better today. Can you send some of those healing vibes my way? Mine almost never goes away.

Julie said...

Those pancakes look super good. I don't think I have ever had a craving for pancakes like I do now.

Lex said...

MmmmmMmmmMmmm - I am not a fan of pancakes but those suckers look goooodddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer said...

Hi! I was having problems with my blog, so I had to make a different one. Same layout, different address. And hopefully this time people will be able to comment, unlike the last blog! :P

Vanessa (Last Night's Leftovers) said...


I am basically in love with your coffee mug...haha

Angie All The Way said...

Time for me to jump on the hulled hemp seen bandwagon I suppose! lol Where'd ya buy 'em?

Lady, I'm suffering from Jaime withdrawal since I haven't seen you in so long! *sniff*