Tuesday, August 11, 2009

And this is why I need to count…

Because otherwise I end eating more than I should, and don’t even know it.  +7 points for the day.  ooooops.


Breakfast started out harmless enough.  Coffee, 2 x blueberry chia muffins and some fresh sweet cherries.

003 005

It’s lunch that did me in.  My own salad!  Dirty bugger.  LOL.


In the big bowl: baby spinach, clementine wedges, fresh raspberries, cukes… seems harmless right?  Then I added honey, clementine juice, and grapeseed oil as dressing.  Still OK.  But I  added chopped almonds…and a big scoop of FH’s cottage cheese (it’s been staring at me, I swear!)…and a handful of Kashi crackers.


Super yum, and super healthy…but more food than I had planned knowing I was having Subway for dinner.  Oh well.  It was crazy good at the time!

I heart me some Larabars, but now I remember why I usually only eat half at a time unless it’s replacing breakfast or something.  200+ cals it.  hehe.  But worth every last Peanut Buttery morsel. 


When I met up with the other Haliblogger gals (& Hubbyblogger!) I got my usual Subway standby.  6” turkey on whole wheat with a smidge of light mayo and mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, cukes, and pickles).  Yummy in my tummy (even though it’s not very photogenic!).


I skipped the baked chips so I could have a chocolate milk instead.  Totally been craving choco-moo for a couple of days. 


Very proud of myself because at Starbucks after the movie I ordered tea!!  I went through a tea phase at Starbucks a few years ago…maybe I can get back on that train.  It’ll save money too!


When I got home my tummy was grumbling.  I scooped some hummus up with some sesame rice crackers


and a bowl of raspberries not pictured.

Whew.  There it is.  That’s what I get for missing my mid-day post.  Got sucked into a conference call…sorry folks!

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Cat said...

Honestly, EVERYTHING you ate yesterday was nutritious and good for you. I wouldn't sweat the 7 points...they were used for good, wholesome food.

That salad looks delish.

Mary Sailors said...

It is so cool to see that you count points!! I am a lifetime member of WW and just the other day said something about counting and someone said "you still do that?" and I thought, yeah, in some way I will always have to! It's a nice place to start when you need to reset! Thanks for the encouragement!