Sunday, August 02, 2009

Animal House

What a day!  Boy, do I feel accomplished.  Even after getting barely 4 hours sleep I managed to get lots of chores done AND enjoy the sun at the same time.  Love it.

A couple of days ago FH informed me that he had agreed to pet-sit for a buddy from work this week.  I was non too impressed to be honest…I thought having their dog here would torment the hell out of my poor cat.  Turns out, it’s their beast of a cat that’s been the problem!  Things are simmered down at the moment since the asshole cat has made himself a home down in FH’s den so hopefully he just stays down there (my cat mainly lives on the top floor in my office).  The dog on the other hand is a sweetheart, and aside from a bit of barking out in the yard today she’s no problem at all.  Hopefully she stays that way since I’m the one that is home with her all day while FH is at work. 


Jack, the asshole cat, in kitty jail after hissing at my cat and scratching the heck out of my leg. 


My Stoopy relaxing after a hard day hiding out from Jack.


The totally camera shy Miss Ellie trying to escape me under my  desk.  Silly girl.

Anyway…so we were up at 7:15am for our friends to drop these critters off.  FH went straight back to bed, but surprisingly I wasn’t tired (even though I didn’t get to bed til close to 3am) so I decided to make the most of the time.  I put on a pot of coffee, called up this week's So You Think You Can Dance on the PVR, and browsed through my Blackberry guide.


Around 9am I got hungry.  PC BM multigrain bagel with light herby cream cheese & sliced tomatoes.  One of my all time fave bagel toppers.  Served with a hard boiled egg for some protein.

054 056

After the first episode of SYTYCD I decided that it was time to get outside because it was yet another gorgeous day I needed to take advantage of.  FH was going bike riding with some friends, and since I don’t love riding my bike (especially in groups) I opted to get a move on some of the chores we need nice weather for.

- Vacuumed my car trunk.

- Cleaned out the garage (loaded all empties into my car, broke down all cardboard that piled up during bad weather months, rearranged & sorted some boxes, general tidy up, shop-vac’d dead grass, etc.  Man I wish I had taken before pictures.

- Used the palm sander to start knocking the flaky paint off the   front porch so we can power wash ASAP and paint on the next super sunny day. (Been trying to do this since last Summer!)

Stopped for a second breakfast and the second episode of SYTYCDLiberte Svelt vanilla yogurt with sliced banana and fresh blueberries & raspberries.  Sprinkled with hulled hemp seeds & raw oats.


Next up, power washing the deck.  It didn’t turn out as good as I’d hoped.  The wide spray doesn’t really do much more than a high powered hose would do but the pointy spray actually frays the wood…nutty.  We need some sort of moss remover or something anyway…hopefully Home Depot or Rona have something for us.

Lunch was just a quick smokie made in the microwave. 


And a POM spritzer which I enjoyed out on my freshly washed deck with my next Sookie Stackhouse book.  Figured out that I had moved on to the wrong book, so I’m just starting book 4.  Duh.


This is turning into a marathon post!!

The rest of the afternoon I spent puttering around the house doing lots of little things that we’ve put off for ages. Changed two main light bulbs, tried to fix the towel rack (it’s stripped…booo), cleaned both bathrooms, cleaned the kitchen window, cleaned an extra fan I found in the garage. Not to mention I’ve done several loads of laundry today.

In between those tasks I also made dinner.  Earlier today I marinated two chicken breasts with some Balsamic Vinagrette & Italian Seasoning.  I didn’t want to use the oven/stove so planned the entire meal to be grilled.


Sliced potatoes with EVOO, minced fresh garlic & seasoning.  


Zucchini brushed with EVOO and just salt & pepper.


Big leafy salad: romaine, tomato, red onion, shredded mozza, broccoli, with Renee’s Spring Herb dressing.


Everything turned out fantastic if I do say so myself!  I’m getting  really good at using the BBQ.  My trick is tin foil.  FH didn’t eat his zucchini so I did, but then saved some salad and part of my chicken & potatoes for an easy lunch tomorrow.


After dinner I just finished puttering around, watered my flowers, and had a long cool glorious shower.  FH isn’t feeling well and fell asleep on the couch…so I took myself to DQ.  I had planned to see if he wanted to go for a drive and ice cream tonight but he fell asleep before I had the chance to run it by him…and then I couldn’t get the ice cream off my mind.  Gah.

I finally got my Tin Roof Brownie Blizzard.  It was pretty good but fairly runny.  I hate it when Dairy Queen is really busy because the ice cream machines can’t keep up and it’s not thick enough.  Oh well, it still hit the spot.


And now here we are way past 9pm and I’m finally relaxing for the evening.  I think maybe some True Blood is in order and then a normal bedtime!  (I’m working tomorrow, so to those of you that aren’t…Happy Long Weekend!)

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Angie All The Way said...

i didn't realize you could still get grill marks using the!

quite a productive day!

Lainey said...

Aw, Jack is probably just scared because he doesn't know where Mommy and/or Daddy went, or why they abandoned him! Poor little cat.

Sounds like a great productive day!

Lady J said...

My girl Jack is much prettier than their boy Jack.... na na na nanana ;o))

Jaime (Embracing Balance) said...

Angie: yup, tin foil just helps keep things from falling in/sticking really badly. Just make sure you spray the foil first.

Lainey: Nope, they warned us Jack can be a jerk...and he is! He did finally let me pet him last night though. (Then woke me up hissing at my cat at 5am...grrrr)

Mom: your Jack is definitely prettier...this guy is HUGE...although he does have a pretty face.

Angie All The Way said...

Cats can definitely have an asshole quality to them. Chandler's had his fair share of assholeness too!

Anonymous said...

Miss Ellie is adorable! Makes me want a doggie.

Sounds like you had quite the productive day, feels great doesn't it?

Tamara said...

That dog is cuuute! And I don't even like dogs. Sorry your cat is being tormented!

Holy Hannah you are productive in one day! :)