Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bigass Compliment

Last night Ashley over at Lowfat Latte Blondie sent me the greatest email letting me know she thinks my blog is funny (moi? thanks girl!) and that every time she makes a “bigass salad” she thinks of me.  haha.

So of course when lunch rolled around today I had to dig out some salad fixins and put together…yes, you guessed it…a BIGASS SALAD!

In the big bowl today: romaine lettuce (this was the last of that huge one I bought at the Farmer’s Market TWO WEEKS ago…still crispy and fresh!), matchstick carrots, chopped tomatoes, cauliflower, old white cheddar and balsamic vinegrette.


Served up the last of my hummus (man that went fast!) with a few organic crackers alongside the salady goodness.


Since today is conference call day I made sure to prepare a snack before dialling in.  Two of last night’s crumbling chocolate chip/raisin/pecan cookies and half a glass of skim milk.  Yummy for my tummy!  And sugar for my attention span on an almost three hour call. 


As promised I took myself to the gym after work.  FH seems to be getting sick so he was sleeping on the couch anyway, so off I went. 

Solid 20 minute treadmill run.  I figure if I’m only doing 20ish minutes of cardio I’m going to push myself.  Started out thinking there was no way I could do it, but by about minute 7 I got into a groove and only needed to walk once for a water break.

(Side note: I really need a squeezy water bottle.  I LOVE my lululemon bottle but it’s impossible to drink out of while running.)

Followed my run with “mini-abs” (aka: back extensions and side extensions…today on a big ball), plus lots of lunges, one legged squats, and hamstring curls with a ball.  Threw in a 45 second plank just because.  :)

Dinner was late tonight but thankfully it was partially leftovers (maybe my sub-conscious knew I was going to switch Wednesdays to evening workouts when I made the weekly meal plan?…hmmmm).  I cooked up some white rice, sautéed up some carrots/zucchini/onion/yellow pepper, and reheated one of the haddock filets from last night.  Needed more seasoning, but other than that yummy combo.

009 011

Dessert was more of my deeeeelish yet super crumbly cookies…which I didn’t photograph because I was too busy shoving the chocolately goodness into my mouth while watching the Nurse Jackie finale on VOD.  Is it just me, or do the supporting characters totally make that show?  Coop is hysterical (and easy of the eyes of course).  :)

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Thanks for reminding me of another show I need to watch!