Monday, August 10, 2009

Five Pounds

I don’t spend a lot of time weighing myself, but I do keep an eye on it.  I mean, a girl doesn’t spend a year losing weight and two years maintaining it (and blogging about it!) without at least paying some attention.  :)

Over the month of July an extra 4-5 pounds has been clinging on.  I remembered to hop on the scale this morning, and yup, it’s still there.  Time for a personal challenge I think!

It’s about the easiest challenge ever.  Start journaling my food again.  When I started photo blogging I stopped writing down my daily menus…and since then I haven’t been able to maintain my happy weight.  Not that I’m not at a healthy weight, but I like my happy weight because it just means that I’m not starting to let things go. 

So I’m writing it all down, estimating my Weight Watchers points, and watching my snacking.  Oh, and making myself count my water so I’ll actually drink it.  Today I even remembered my vitamins!

Day One:  estimated 1 point deficit


My afternoon snack…I dipped into the “non-local” strawberries to mix into my Liberte Svelt strawberry yogurt.  Added half of a Nature Valley crunchy granola bar too.


After work I hit the gym. I had a headache (the kind that just kept pinching me from the base of my skull…hate that) so planned to just power walk on the treadmill for an hour or so.  But as soon as I started to warm-up I wanted to run.  So run I did.  For a solid 17 minutes before the stupid machine kicked into cool down mode.  Walked for a minute then just kept readjusting the speed and incline for another 3 minutes to make an even 20 minute run

Felt so good I followed up with a whack load of weighted squats, lunges, and ab work. 

Left feeling hot, sweaty, and slightly dizzy.  Sign of a good workout!  (and my headache was long gone!!)

When I got home I headed straight for the shower, then made a bigass salad.  Lucky for you all I’m done with the black beans, so no more Southwest for a while.  :) 


I was aiming for something Greek-ish but quickly realized I am out of red onion and feta.  lol.  So instead it’s really just a no-name tasty salad!

In the big bowl tonight: organic baby spinach, tomatoes, cukes, yellow peppers, kalamata olives, EVOO, sea salt, pepper, and herby goat cheese.


All stirred up and creamy.  A few sesame rice crackers for crunch. Eaten straight from the mixing bowl because that’s how I roll.


Only ate three of the olives.  I bought the cheap ones last time and they are gross.  Bitter and they burn my tongue.  Ewwwww.  That’ll learn me for trying to save a buck.

And for dessert I actually took the time to halve and pit a dozen of my local sweet cherries to serve with vanilla ice cream. Yummmmmy treat!  Make me wish I could get my hands on some BC Okanagan cherries…the best cherries EVER…hopefully our grocery stores get some!!


And now to go finish book four of my Sookie series.  (ugh, as a painful reminder that I totally forgot to watch True Blood last night!  and now I have to wait until tomorrow for it to appear on VOD!  boooo on me.)

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Krista said...

Ain't it scary how easily (for me anyhow) a few pounds easily find their way back.

I know you'll rock it out and those pesky pounds will be gone in no time!

Me, Only Better said...

Your eats look yum! BC cherries have been out for a while here - they are the best!

Angie All The Way said...

I love that you just get back into the practice with a "personal challenge" and then it's always good again!

Tracking will take care of that 4-5 lbs in no time.

Anonymous said...

Mmm everything looks so good. Yea the same thing happened to me--I just got a BodyBugg and will be keeping track of EVERYTHING!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your challenge!! Writing down things helps me a lot too. Those cherries look so yummy with ice cream! I'm always too lazy to pit them :-)

eurydice said...

i'm counting right now too! and i just finished the fourth sookie book as well... what a coincidence ;)