Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hurricane Bill: Ready as I’ll ever be!

It was sooo beautiful most of today that you would never know that Nova Scotia is under a hurricane watch!  Calm before the storm I guess.  The grey clouds rolled in about an hour or so ago, but it’s still humid and breezy out there.



FH has gone partying with the boys tonight and is staying in the city, so Mr. Stoopy and I will be braving the high winds alone. 

Last we heard, the rain is expected to start sometime between 1am and 5am.  The 125-140 km/hour winds will start anytime after that.  The news reports are saying it might be downgraded to a Tropical Storm, but last we heard from our friend that works at the Coast Guard is that we are in for a Category 1 Hurricane.  Either way it’s gonna be yucky!

Needless to say, the entire city has stocked up on water, batteries, canned goods and propane…and all day today we watched all of our neighbors clear their decks and tie down their BBQs. 

Our garage has been loaded up with most of our outdoor equipment…BBQ, compost bin, garbage bins, deck chairs, etc.

040 041

I brought my hanging baskets and garden lanterns in to the front stairwell…


And the deck planters are now living on my kitchen floor…


I didn’t bother buying bottled water since we have a perfectly good camping jug…


If things get really bad we have our camping stove, lantern, etc to keep us going (right next to our wine collection!)…


So I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.  I hope anyway!  For the evening I’m curling up with movies and my bag of Swedish Berries and enjoying having the couch to myself while the boys are out tearing up Halifax.  If you don’t hear from me again for a while, you know Hurricane Bill arrived and knocked out our power.  Wish me luck!

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Leanne said...

Keep safe!

Us Ontarians are thinking of our eastern friends.

I hope it doesn't hit as bad as it is supposed to.

Fatinah said...

best wishes for making it safely through the storm!!

check in as soon as you can!

farm girl. said...

think of home nice it will be to have flowers all over your house, in the middle of a raging storm! (right??)

at least when there's enough light to see them!

We'll tell Bill to play nicely with us!

Lainey said...

Oh, that sounds so scary! I hope everything will be okay!

Angie All The Way said...

You're all alone?!?! Jeez woman you should have come over here!!