Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hurricane Bill: Running Update

So far, so good.  I went to bed at 1:30 and nothing had happened.  Woke up for a minute around 5:30, still nothing…a bit of rain maybe.  Got up at 9:00, it was raining.  Around 10:30 the wind started.  It’s definitely whipping out there but we’ve had worse wind before.  I’m sure this is only the beginning though…there are reports of power outages in the HRM so probably those folks closer to the water are fairing worse than we are right now.

(FYI I’m still home alone…FH stayed downtown and I imagine they are sleeping right through this!)

I’m trying to take pictures of the weather progression, but it’s hard to tell anything exciting is going on…LOL.  Our rear neighbors left their Canadian flag up so that is fun to watch flailing around in the wind and rain.


The worst part is having to keep all of the windows closed.  It’s humid as all hell, but the wind blows the rain into the house if the windows are open. 

I’m just chilling out with the TV, coffee, and some magazines.  I foresee a lot of reading in my future.


Keep checking in.  I’m bored so I’ll be updating on the weather as it progresses (IF it progresses).  :)

5pm Update:

Well, if that was the worst of it, I guess our area isn’t seeing too much actual hurricane.  I heard the eye of it was supposed to hit around 3pm, but I dozed off on the couch so I’m not sure what happened.  Since I woke up around 4pm to some loud wind I’m guessing that is it.  Of course, we still have all night!

In other news, when FH came home I decided to make brunch.  Just bacon and eggs.  But I burned the living F*#% out of my hand with the bacon grease.  I always pour off the grease and wipe the pan with a paper towel so I can cook the eggs, but the pan slipped out of my hand and knocked the grease dish somehow spilling it all over the palm of my hand.  I’ve gone through three ziplocks of ice and will probably go through 10 more tonight.  It effing hurts!

Bedtime Update:

Yup, that was it.  The rain stopped and wind died WAY down.  I guess our suburban community is far enough away from the ocean that we weren’t affected too much.  Reports of trees down in many other areas though so I feel lucky…even though I was super bored and whiny because of my hand.  At least my hand is starting to feel better now.  I can go more than 30 seconds without my ice so that’s something!  Hopefully by morning it won’t sting anymore.  :) 

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spunkysuzi said...

I hope that's all you get!! Definitely thinking of you today :)

Amy said...

Stay safe pretty lady! :)

Anonymous said...

I know, I took some pics off the deck but they don't really show what's happening well.

I can't believe FH didn't make it home yet. At least Mr. Stoopy is there to keep you company in the storm.

Here's hoping the power doesn't go out...;)

Anonymous said...

Stay safe!

My Grandma is in Halifax now, visiting, and I am sending all my avoid the storm vibes to the East coast.

Cat said...

I just remembere something SO stupid that I did a few years ago when the power went out. When the TV went off, I actually thought to myself "That's ok...I'll just watch a DVD" then I felt like complete ass because clearly the DVD player wouldn't work sans power!!

Have a great day...I know it's a strange one with the wind out there!! Get all your books and magazines set up, grab a blanket and curl up on the couch for some well deserved you time.

Kim said...

OUCH! So sorry about the hand!

Fatinah said...

glad you made it through the storm ok!!

really sorry to hear about your hand - I can't imagine how much it hurts!!