Monday, August 24, 2009

I love it when a plan comes together!

WooT.  Completed all of the items on this morning’s Monday Plan!  Nice. 

After a light breakfast of coffee (duh!), a raspberry white chocolate chia muffin, and yogurt with blueberries I got lots of Monday morning work done then took myself to the gym for my first noon workout.


This week I’ve decided that I needed to find a new workout time.  FH hasn’t needed me to drive him to work at all lately so I am back to my lazy ways of sleeping right until I have to start work.  I am not a morning person if there is nothing forcing me out of bed…and a workout definitely does not force me.  And I really hate going to the gym after work because it’s always so busy.  And going later isn’t the best option because my runs always suck after dinner…plus that puts me out of the house in the evenings all the time which isn’t awesome.

See!  Lots of excuses!  But no excuse not to workout at lunch!  I even wrote my daily workout plans onto my meal plan chart when I wrote it up. No excuses now!  I am even bringing back stickers for completion.  haha, yes I’m 10.


So today’s workout was a solid 20 minute run on the treadmill, followed by many, many squats (2 sets x 15 of regular squats, plie squats, and one-legged squats), plus what I call “mini-abs” (15 deadlift style crunches and 15 each side crunches…I do these on a piece of equipment but I don’t know what it’s called).

While at the gym I put up an Operation Beautiful note on the mirror before my workout, but when I came back afterwards it was gone…so I put up another one!  I hope whoever took it down, took it home so they could visit the website.

017 018

Lunch was a quick fix of a few things I found in the fridge that needed to be used up.  A toasted ww English muffin topped with the last of the leftover maple BBQ salmon mixed with a bit of light mayo.  Served with yellow peppers and tomatoes.


Afternoon snack was some yummy watermelon I picked up while stocking up on fruits and veggies today.  And the last oatmeal raisin bar.  Time to do some more baking I think!


I ended up working until 6pm to make up for the time I spent at the grocery store, etc so I had a grumbly belly when I headed down to the kitchen for dinner.  I knew my sweet potato was going to take some time to bake so I dipped into the Lemon Liberte for a few bites of creamy heaven.


The dinner plan was to clean up any veggies, etc in the fridge that won’t last the week.  I stocked up today and realized when I was putting away the new stuff that there was some old stuff in there that needed to be eaten.

Hence my odd dinner!  haha.  I baked a sweet potato and then mashed the flesh with some light herby cream cheese and a couple of pieces of the herbed havarti FH bought this weekend.  I served this next to a huge pile of steamed carrots, cauliflower and brocolli…all sprinkled with some fresh parmesan.  Deeelish.

027 028 029

There are two little pieces of cacciatore sausage sitting on top of the sweet potato because I cleaned up the snack plate in the fridge and didn’t want them to go to waste.  :)  And I love it!

After dinner FH and I watched I Love You, Man.  I heart me some Paul Rudd.  I had a cheapie granola bar as my evening sweet.  Just some Superstore brand, but it has dried cranberries and big pieces of almonds…yum yum.


All in all, I’m proud of my day.  I did dig into some pita chips right before I sat down here.  I crave me some crunchy, salty, carby goodness!  But I washed it down with a litre of water so that helped check another thing off my to-do list.  I’ll put that in the win column!  Woooo.  (Yes, I’m a big dork.)

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Kim said...

Paul Rudd rocks my socks!

Lainey said...

Sounds like you made it a great day! :o)

Angie All The Way said...

My jeez woman! Sweet potato + cream cheese!!!! *heaven*

I haven't worked out in waaaaaaaay too long :-( *buns in gear*

I'm definitely overdue for an OB message and it's time to get another one up!

Natalie said...

Love the charts and stickers! I find that so motivating for some reason! Brings me back to grade school...

Jen said...

BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so printing out a calendar and using stickies!!! I love it!!!

I LOVED "I love you man"...but sadly, I actually love Jason Segal more than Paul Rudd...if you watch "How I Met Your Mother" you would understand!!! (Although then he has to compete with Neil Patrick Harris...*sigh*)