Friday, August 21, 2009

Kinda Sorta Drogging

I “might” have consumed a few Strongbow Ciders before sitting down to write this post.  FH was expecting an old friend from out of town, so I spent last night and part of today cleaning, tidying, readying the spare room, etc and we had some other friends over for dinner while we waited.  And had some drinks.  And waited.  And had another drink.  Then called…only to find that said friend didn’t quite make it all the way to Nova Scotia tonight.  oooops.  Tomorrow apparently.


Now the boys are thinking about going downtown, but my old fart self already has her jammies on.  :)  So instead I’m here writing to you all!

I single handedly consumed most of this bag of yummy yummy Kettle ChipsSweet Onion.  Who knew they would be fabulous?  They taste like onion rings.  Danger!!


And here I had started out so reasonably with a nice veggie platter with hummus.  Which I also ate most of single handedly.  I was a hungry girl!!

007 008

By the time FH put the steaks on I wasn’t really hungry, but I’d had a couple of drinks so of course dove knife first into my piece.  Thankfully I was wise enough to ask to share one before he started cooking because these babies were HUGE


Served about 1/3 of a lovely mammoth sized NY strip steak with a far-too-big scoop of store bought tater salad.  Pretty tasty!  FH makes a good steak…even though he was BBQing in the dark on the lawn because we haven’t moved the BBQ back up onto the freshly painted deck yet (and probably won’t until this silly Hurricane Bill passes us by).


I just finished up my third Strongbow and now I’m gonna take myself to bed to read some Sookie and hopefully be very soundly asleep when the boys return from the bar!

Oh, just uploaded my pics and realized I didn’t show you breakfast and lunch.

Breakfast…blueberries, thawed fresh-frozen raspberries, oats, vanilla yogurt:

001 002

Lunch…maple BBQ salmon grilled on The Griddler (was supposed to be last night’s dinner) on top of Asian Slaw:

004 005 019 006

There you have it.  Night night!

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Nicole said...

hi there! i love reading your blog.
i just started a blog a few months ago - and i am having one hard time uploading pictures.
i notice you always have really nice pictures.... do you have any special add-ins or whatever they are called... and if so, where can i get them!?!?
i wouldn't even care if i had to pay for something at this point... i'm just sick of trying to add pictures and it being such a process!!

thanks so much for your help!!


Angie All The Way said...

What a great idea serving the salmon over an asian slaw. I bet it would be even better if you made the salmon "asian" with some hoisin sauce! YUM!

You drogger! lol

Julie said...

I must try those chips... I was just saying today was craving onion rings.

Nice pics as usual!

Hoping hurricane Bill does not do too much damage.

Cat said...

Your food looks delish. I love your 'drogging'

Hope you had a nice and relaxing night!!