Monday, August 31, 2009

Leftovers Revisited

After a weekend of rough sleeping I slept like the dead last night.  WooT!  FH and I watched True Blood (is anyone else ready for them to kill kill kill Maryann?), then I read for a while (almost Sookie overload but not quite..haha), and watched Entourage while laying in bed.  Lights out as soon as the show was over and I think I actually fell asleep within 10 minutes, which is amazing considering how shit my sleep has been lately.  *crossing fingers that this keeps up*

I even slept an extra 15 minutes this morning.  So when I got up my coffee was fully brewed and I didn’t have to wait for it.  Love that.

Enjoyed my first cup with the last raspberry white chocolate chia muffin.  These things stayed fresh in fridge for two weeks!


I ended up having a late breakfast…I guess it was brunch!  Super simple because I had leftover veggie omelette and pan fries from the brunch at Cora’s on Saturday.


Served with a kiwi that has been ripening on the kitchen counter all week.


No noon workout for me today unfortunately.  That back pain from yesterday is still lingering so rather than try to be a tough-girl I just sat it out.  Boooo.  I did get in an afternoon walk around 4:00 thought.  It wasn’t the same, but it was better than nothing.  :)

Oh, last week’s chart…look at all my stars!  haha.  Yes, I’m 5.  I’ll make this week’s chart as soon as I finish posting this.


Because of my late breakfast I didn’t need lunch so decided to treat myself to two of my Choco-Cran-Almond Bars instead of only one.


And after my walk I was craving an iced coffee, but rather than drive somewhere to spend money I decided to quench the thirst with a Coke Zero instead.  I don’t like artificial sweetener too often but I do keep these on hand for days just like today.


Dinner was another black bean turkey burger (I thawed out three the other day by accident) with tomato and mashed avocado on a ww English muffin.  Super filling!


I was planning a scoop of ice cream for dessert but my tummy has been bothering me today and I think it’s because I’m down a few litres of water.  So I’m drinking up and avoiding the sweets instead.

tonight there was an AMAZING sunset.  I only wish my camera could do it justice!  (and wish there weren’t houses in the way of the actual horizon!)

025024  026

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cici said...

Loved this post! just came across your blog..Your charts are great that has your plan for food and exercise..I think Im gonna try make one of those :)

Anonymous said...

The sunset was beautiful, we didn't have anything like that out here.

Thank you for reminding me to meal plan this weekend! :)

Lynne said...

Love the chart! I do the same thing on my wall calendar - there's just something about putting the stickers on the calendar to motivate me to exercise. Guess that's why they put stickers on our classwork in elementary school!

Anonymous said...

Cute chart :)

Fatinah said...

that is funny - we watched both True Blood & Entourage last night also.

They have to stop putting Bill right next to Eric - makes him look like a hobit!!

Isn't Jason so funny? When he wondered "if Sam turned into a chicken, could he lay an egg?" we all just about pissed ourselves!

I'm actually not enjoying the MaryAnn story line at all. I'll be glad when they kill the bitch (even though she is one of our favourite actresses!!)

Entourage was kinda "meh" also we thought.

GarlicBOSS said...

Again, you have a great healthy blog