Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lovely Larabars

How excited was I when the awesome PR people over at Larabar noticed me Tweeting about my favorite snack and asked if I would like to sample the two new flavours?

<<<<<<<<<<< THIS FREAKING EXCITED!!! >>>>>>>>>>>>

Why would I not want free advanced samples?  Yeeehaw.

First up, the all new Peanut Butter & Jelly Larabar.


Just as you would expect, it’s a light and creamy peanut butter base…and the “jelly” is actually dried cherries.  A perfect combo of savoury and sweet…this could very well become my new go-to Larabar because I totally love the addition of the cherries to the simple yet delicious peanut butter.

Today I broke into the Tropical Fruit Tart Larabar.

007 008 

This may be the busiest Larabar yet!  Where most of them generally have only 2-4 ingredients…this one boasts an amazing 8!  I am a big fan of the orange and coconut flavours in this bar, but the pineapple doesn’t totally do it for me.  I love pineapple but for some reason I didn’t love it in my Larabar.  I would still chose this new flavour over a lot of the older varieties though.

To date, nothing beats the Coconut Cream Pie variety for me though.  Keep those coming!  Let’s find a way to get more flavours into regular grocery stores!

Thanks again Larabar for hooking me up with the taste-test.  Overall, both of the new bars get two big thumbs up from me!


PS:  Canada is supposed to get hooked up with the new flavours in September.  Keep your eyes open and let us all know when/where you find them!

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H-woman said...

I'm so excited for the PBJ--peanut butter cookie has surpassed coconut cream pie (gasp!) as my new fave! I can only imagine how great the PBJ will be...

H =)

Fatinah said...

cool beans!

Kim said...

I'm SO eager to try the PB & J flavor! When will it be in stores??? Where are you Larabar?

Angie All The Way said...

I'm still doing my jump for joy over those bars! lol I will be on the prowl while in the US too!

Anonymous said...

I am dying to try the new ones, definitely be on the look out for sure!

Marisa (Trim The Fat) said...

Drooling over those new flavors!

Jen said...

You totally just inspired me to eat my cinnamon roll larabar right then...YUMMY!!!

I think I am going to try to track down some PB cookie ones when I am in Hali!