Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mama’s Got a Brand New Bag

…of coffee!  (haha, I know you all thought it was going to be a purse…sorry!)

Nothing better than a brand new freshly ground bag of coffee.  Especially when it’s my fave Starbucks beans…Cafe Verona.  This morning’s pot just tasted better, you know?! Yum!

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I slept in (cuz I maybe stayed up too late blogging and reading) and it was starting to get warm and I just wasn’t hungry so I didn’t eat breakfast.  I know this is bad, bad, bad but I recently told myself not to force a meal in just because “I’m supposed to”.  If I ain’t hungry, I ain’t eating.  :)

Had to return a DVD before noon so decided to pick up lunch while I was out.  Fast food wasn’t sounding very appealing (does it ever?!) so I ran into Sobeys and grabbed some sushi.  Salmon Cream Cheese roll.  Deeelish.

022 023 

I’ve decided all sushi should have cream cheese in it!  (I “tweeted” that earlier today and not half an hour later Philly Cream Cheese started following me on Twitter…)

Did you watch the video I posted earlier?  It’s been around for a couple of months, but it’s some interesting tidbits of information about how Social Media has taken over the new generation.  It’s here to stay people.

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Bec said...

definitely thought it was a new purse but this is almost as good!

Sharper said...

funny that it's called a cream cheese roll. Here, it's called a Philadelphia Roll.

I have a pod coffee maker. I really like the convenience of it, but the one thing is they don't have starbucks pods. It makes me want to go back to regular coffee maker just because of that.

Angie All The Way said...

I agree cream cheese in sushi are my favs!

We are such coffee crazies aren't we! lol I can't believe I never drank a cup of it while going through university and now I'm a lover :)