Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday, the Plan! (updated)

  • Combat dehydration: Drink 4 litres of water! (3 out of 4 down…1 before bed)
  • Combat laziness: Start noon workouts! (done!)
  • Combat Monday blues: participate in Operation Beautiful! (done!)
  • Combat snack-a-rama: stock up on fruits and veggies! (done!)
  • Combat budget busting: make meal plans and grocery list! (done!)
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Anonymous said...

I NEEED to do that (meal plans & budgeting) we spend an absolute fortune on food b/c I go to the store pretty much every day, plus we have full grocery trips.

Another good thing about meal planning is that you can go through recipes and actually make use of them! :)

Maybe I start meal planning this weekend!

FatFitnessFood said...

Did you write this for me?

Nicci@NiftyEats said...

Good way to attack Monday!!

Julie said...

Nice plan.

farm girl. said...

What a way to eliminate Monday blah's!

We're meal planners. Every weekend we figure out what's going on for the week, who's home when, and what's for dinner. We're not really the type that could pull off a full hosted dinner party, with no notice...but hey, that's what grocery stores are for!