Friday, August 07, 2009

The mug that started it all!

By now you’ve all seen my plethora of Starbucks mugs.  Well, digging into the cupboard this morning I happened upon my very first one.  :)


This mug was one of two that my ex-boyfriend and I bought when we first started our love of Starbucks.  (Prior to that we bought those big tins of Folgers because it was all we could afford…or we drank the shit coffee at our places of work…ewwwww).  I remember when we bought these mugs we felt like such grown-ups!  haha, no chipped old crappy mugs for us anymore.

Of course, when we broke up so did the mugs.  I kept my “mild” and he kept his “dark” (which is funny because I like dark!).  Not too long after this I found the same mugs on sale so I bought another dark to make a set again…and thus started the collection.  Every time they come out with new seasonal mugs I’m in there scoping them out…and probably 3/4 of the time I leave with a new one.  :)


So obviously I had coffee this morning.  I needed it after staying up til 2am catching up on So You Think You Can Dance and Big Brother.  Yes, I’m a dork.

(FYI: Ellie the dog had me up at 6:35am to let her out for a pee.  FH was sleeping right through his alarm and her whining. Gah.)

I paired my second coffee with a couple of Blueberry Chia Muffins I thawed out last night.  With a nice big glop of White Chocolate Wonderful PB.  Deeeeelish.

IMG_3333 IMG_3335

Determined not to eat lunch at my desk today I powered through a bunch of work and felt good about taking a break. The sun even shone on the deck long enough for me to eat!

Two small ww tortillas spread with spicy hummus, yellow peppers, tomatoes, and filled with spinach.  Yum.

IMG_3348IMG_3344 IMG_3345

For a little added protein, I rolled up a couple of slices of extra lean turkey with some mini pickles.  Love this combo!

 IMG_3350  IMG_3352

To cool off in the sun I cracked open this bottle of Santa Cruz Organic Peppermint Ice Tea I’ve had in the fridge for ages.  Can’t believe I waited.  It’s deeeelish.  Lightly minty and not too strong.  I’ll be looking for it again next time I’m at Planet Organic.

IMG_3363 IMG_3367IMG_3364  Unfortunately that sun seems to be behind a big ugly cloud now…booooo…and work needs to be finished up so I can hit the gym and settle in for a quiet night later.  Guess I’d better get to it!

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Paige@ Running Around Normal said...

That's such a cute story about the coffee mugs :) Those muffins look so good. I'm off to search your blog for the recipe ;)

Julie said...

Those muffin looks yummy.

I really need to try the turkey pickles.*Drooling*

Angie All The Way said...

Seriously that is the sweetest story about those mugs. It was almost metaphoric ;-)

I LOVE that idea of wrapping the pickles in the meats!

Lainey said...

Mmmm, I need to try the turkey pickle idea! I have some do I have any pickles left?