Tuesday, August 04, 2009

One and Only

So tonight it was my turn to be the one and only Haliblogger at Booty Camp!

Angie was stuck in court, Farm Girl was still camping, and both Lynn and Lex are still sickypants.  Poor girls…hurry up and come back!!

I COULD have used this as my excuse not to go.  I mean, I DID already go for that run this morning.  But I knew that Miss Angie did it on her own once so I used her as my motivation and took my buns on down there and worked hard! 

Eszter worked us hard tonight and the pulled muscle in my bum is proof!  Lots of crazy lunges and “dog pees” (that cracks me up!) and she made us race during the ladder exercises (I think my little team won!) and lots of kickboxing tonight (which I love…it makes me miss my real kickboxing more than ever!).  I’ll be doing lots of soft stretching to work out the kinks tomorrow.

Late afternoon I snacked on one of my Whoopie Pies.  Holy yum!


These things are dangerous.  For those of you that don’t love pumpkin, but like things like pumpkin pie…this is for you!  The fact that they are slathered with cream cheese frosting doesn’t hurt…haha.  I think I’ll skip the frosting next time, and then see if I can “healthy up” the cake part. 

After Booty Camp I didn’t really feel like cooking, and I’d already had a bigass salad today so I just had a simple breakfast for dinner.


Scrambled eggs (last of the Egg Creations mixed with some egg whites) with spinach, green onions, and a tiny sprinkle of mozza.  Served simply with a slice of toast with Olivina.


For dessert I dove into the collection of fruit that needs eating.  Still digging my way through the huge bag of clementines…so peeled up a couple of those, used up the last of the fresh raspberries (need more ASAP!) and some fresh blueberries.


Straight up finger food.  Deeeelish.

OK, and I might have dipped into the Mike n Ikes I’ve been hiding in the cupboard.  :)  But I worked out twice today and earned them dammit!  Take this handful and multiply by three…


And that’s it.  Other than some bad reality TV (seriously…More to Love…terrible idea for a show…those poor women pouring their self esteem issues out for the world…who thinks up this stuff?)

I could have been watching the extra trashy Big Brother, but I haven’t had a chance to watch Sunday’s episode yet so I had to wait.  Must get on that!

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MoraPiggy said...

Mike & Ikes! My son's fav.

Fresh fruit in the summer!! I love it and can't get enough.

Vanessa (Last Night's Leftovers) said...

I love breakfast for dinner!

That More to Love business really grinds me gears. Seriously.

Lady J said...

I don't understand why people put themselves through that crap anyway!! (More to Love) It's hard enough living real life without going on TV for the whole damned world to see & judge you. I doubt they pay them all that much to be on the show so what's the draw?? *so don't get it*