Friday, August 21, 2009

Pampered Snacks

Sorry for the lack of evening post last night you guys!  I had a very busy night, and didn’t even eat an actual dinner (boooo) and by the time I sat down I just wanted to watch Big Brother and get to bed (at 3am!).

The reason I didn’t have dinner was because I apparently can’t read a clock.  LOL.  I got my dinner ready to go, then hopped in the shower thinking I’d have a few minutes to eat up while my hair drip-dried.  I swear it was like 6:02 when I got in the shower, but as I was towelling off I looked at the clock and it was already 6:37.  I had to be out the door by 6:45 and even then that was pushing it.  Not sure how I managed to bugger that up, but I did.

Needless to say I didn’t get out the door until 6:55 (with a very wet ponytail) and was 20 minutes late meeting Angie, Lynn and Lex.  Thankfully my ladies are getting used to me and my inability to ever arrive anywhere on time.  Grrrr.  I hate being late!

In lieu of dinner I enjoyed a few of the little appy snacks offered by the Pampered Chef consultants.  Fun little crabby wontons, ham & cheese calzone, mini quiches.

After the presentation (oooooh look out for new Fall items!  I’ve never been to a Pampered Chef party and I’m very afraid for my credit card now…drool) I wanted to try a couple of their little desserts.  After Dinner Mint Triangles.  me + chocolate mint anything = love  Had to try them!

Sooooo good.  I had to have TWO!

Then Lynn and I looked up the recipe and I just about fell down.  480 calories for TWO of those little buggers.

Holy Hell.

So even though I hadn’t planned on taking any pics at this event I had to go back and get one for this post.  The PC rep looked at me like I was crazy but after a little explanation he changed his look to one more of confusion.  LOL.


They were sooooo good though.  I wonder if I can healthy them up without ruining them?

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Bec said...

wow those do look good, I hope you find a way to healthify them and then post the recipe lol

Kim said...

Have you tried the new WW mint chocolate ice cream cones? The cone is actually chocolate. It is filled with mint ice cream and topped with more chocolate. I had my first one last night and was VERY pleased!

Angie All The Way said...

that triangle thing was goooood. but what's not good when it's made of butter and sugar! friggin things!

Lex said...

i DEFINITELY think you could healthify those things!!

Roxy said...