Friday, August 07, 2009

A Quiet Friday

I just cut and filed all of my nails and I feel so good now!  I have really nice natural nails (although I torture my cuticles something fierce) and I can often grow them quite long without breaking them if I’m not spending a lot of time in the yard or anything.  This was one of those times.  I had a manicure two weeks ago before heading to the cottage, and although the polish barely lasted a week I just now had to cut them.  I like them an “active” length with a square edge.  It just feels good!


When I left you this afternoon I grabbed a Whoopie Pie and came back up to my office to finish work for the day.  I accomplished all but one project so I feel caught up for the weekend.  I love that there is nothing niggling away at me about being done before Monday.  :)

After work, around 6:00, I headed off to the gym.  Just some quick cardio and a round of Amy’s Workout Wednesday challenge for the week.  I’m not part of her challenge but she comes up with some great workouts so I’m happy to steal borrow them.  Thanks Amy!!

On the treadmill I just decided to set the ramp at 3 and my speed at 4.8 and then just run til I needed a break.  Made it 12 minutes, took 1 minute walking break, then ran the rest of the 20 minutes.  Not great, but not too shabby either.  One day I’ll break through that stupid wall I always hit!

Just as I got home it started to thunderstorm.  There was a rainbow over the homes across the street!


I was STARVING when I got home, so immediately after my shower I fired up the Griddler and got to work making dinner.  I have had steaks thawed out for two days so I had to cook em up tonight or risk losing them.


Seasoned simply with garlic powder and Montreal steak spice.  Grilled 4 minutes each side for medium-rare.  I let them rest a bit too long and got more of a medium, but still juicy so still fine for me.  :)


The star of the meal was my roasted brussel sprouts.  Deeeeeelish!!  I just trimmed and halved them, mixed with EVOO and salt & pepper.  At the last minute I added a chopped carrot and some fresh garlic.

077 079 081

Baked in the oven at 400 for about 20 minutes, stirring half way through.  So good.

Topped my steak with a chunk of herby goat cheese.  Brilliant! 

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For dessert I mixed up a bowl of Liberte Svelt strawberry yogurt (new flavor for me and it’s yummy!) with some chopped fresh strawberries (not local but they were on sale) and a few blueberries.  Creamy goodness.


FH is out with a buddy (actually been out since noon!  must be having a gay ol time!) so I just puttered around, watched some What Not To Wear, and did my nails.  Now I think my Sookie Stackhouse book and I shall go lay in bed and try for lights out before midnight.  I have be up bright and early to meet Farm Girl to go raspberry picking at her family farm tomorrow.  Weeeeeee!


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MoraPiggy said...

Steak and veggies... MMM!

farm girl. said...

there were rainbows all over the place - i was coming back from the lake, and saw at least 2 - so pretty!

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen a rainbow in forver! So pretty.

Your eats look yummy as usual.

Hope you & Lesley have an awesome day picking berries.

Rachel said...

Isn't it great how a little self-maintenance can be a great pick up? I'm about to pop in a movie and give myself a pedi. Usually I can't sit still long enough to avoid smudging, so maybe the movie will help :)