Saturday, August 08, 2009



Look at all these glorious, juicy, fresh, local raspberries picked by my very own hands!  Don’t you just want to dive right in?!  I know I do…and may have done so already…

12 lovely pints!  Whatever will I do with them?  Suggestions welcome.  :)

Farm Girl (FG) was nice enough to include me in a trip out to the valley to pick raspberries at her family farm.  It turned out to be a beautiful sunny day and was just perfect for picking. 

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After a few hours of fun in the sun, we took our haul, got cleaned up and headed off for lunch.  FG suggested Wheaton’s Cider Press Cafe because she knew I had been jealous when she took Lynn and Angie there and I couldn’t go.  :( 

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I didn’t even look at the menu.  Lobster Roll please! With the awesome house salad and poppyseed dressing on the side.  Fresh and oh so deeeeeelish.  A raspberry lemonade to drink.

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Then FG led the way through her stomping grounds to a few good farm stands.  I was on the hunt for local peas and blueberries.  She found me both!

The peas were so good we started snacking in the car after the first stand, so I bought more at the third stand.  And those ones were smaller and sweeter…I wish I’d bought about 3x as many!

035 036

I also picked up local yellow plums, sweet cherries, romaine, potatoes, and green beans.  It’s going to be a fruit and veggie filled week (more than usual) at our house!


Thanks again FG.  I love me some country time!  :)


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Lady J said...

Yummmm, lobster roll. I can't wait... only 4 weeks to go!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great day!! Those raspberries are making my mouth water. :)

Wasn't the Lobster Roll & Salad just perfect? I want to replicate the salad something, too bad I have no idea how to make their homemade dressing.

Cat said...

Everything looks delicious!! I love fresh raspberries!

She-Fit said...

WOW! These raspberries look great. Sounds like you had a great day

Julie said...

I am planning a trip to a local veggie market today.
I am a bit lucky we have blueberries growing in the wild on our land.
My mother has a garden that I intend on going to steal peas and beans.
After seeing all your raspberries, I realized I have not had any this season.

Angie All The Way said...

I was disappointed to miss out on the day with yas though. Glad you gals had such a glorious day for it!