Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So I Think I Can Bake

Sometimes.  Tonight, only kinda.

I baked two things and neither turned out the way I wanted.  Both tasty, but flat and unimpressive to the eye.  Oh well. No one really cares what cookies look like right? :)

Banana Whoopies

I took the Whoopie Pie recipe and subbed in bananas for the pumpkin.  I think bananas are too juicy though because although the cookies (muffin tops?) taste amazing they are pretty flimsy.  Yummy enough to skip the icing!

027 029

Chocolate Chip Cookies

I realized I’m low on oats when I’d already started making these cookies.  The dough seemed sturdy enough as it was so I figured I’d just cook them up without the oats.  Mistake.  They ended up flat and overcooked.  Oooops.  Good thing FH likes his cookies crispy. 

032 033

The batch I made for myself (added raisins and pecans) turned out better but still not up to my usual standards.  I like my cookies to be thicker and more substantial.  Oh well, tasty mistake.  :)


On the upside, dinner was a huge success!

When I was shopping yesterday I found some fresh haddock on sale so I picked up a small pack.  I think I’ve only ever cooked with haddock once but I loved it so thought I’d give it another go.

I also had a craving for creamed spinach (weird I know, but I saw it used in a recipe somewhere recently and I keep thinking about it!) so went online looking for a simple recipe for the fish that would go with the yummy side dish.

I settled on this very easy recipe for Pan-Fried Haddock.  It’s a keeper people.  The simple seasoning, minimal oil, and light coating was perfect.  The fish came out juicy, flaky, and deeeeelish. 

017 020 021

For the creamed spinach I just did a quick basic white sauce with some fresh parmesan cheese and added about half a bag of wilted baby spinach.  With the fish on top, it was all saucy goodness.  Yummmm.


Tomorrow I need to make some quickie tartar sauce for the leftover fishy goodness.

Hmmm…what else?  Oh ya, lunch was just a couple of veggie/hummus/cheese rollups.  I was in a hurry and they were easy.


Oh, and I did my second noon workout like a good little girl.  20 minutes on the elliptical making my bum burn (eww, that sounds gross…LOL) followed by lots of core/ab work.  30 each regular crunches, reverse crunches, bicycle crunches, plus 1 minute plank and 2 x 30 second side planks.

Well that’s enough of a marathon post for tonight I think.  Night all.

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Nicci@NiftyEats said...

It's bed time but I'm craving some fish right now. lol maybe later this week i 'll try some haddock. I've been on a salmon kick lately. your baking looks delicious to me

Lady J said...

Your baking looks delish to me too!!! Yummie for the tummie....

tash said...

Mmm . . . I love haddock. And cookies . . .

Lex said...

Your baking looks awesome girl!!!!

That creamed spinach has me drooling right now! Mmmmmmmm ( I think thats kind of weird considering its 1030am!) haha