Monday, August 17, 2009

Sunday Snackeroo

Apparently my plan for tracking my food/fitness this week has gone seriously astray.  All this nice weather made for some crazy ice creamy antics.  hehe.  Oh well, I’ll take fun in the sun with some treats over crappy weather and stringent tracking any day!!!

Yesterday we started out with breakfast at our fave little diner…The Armview.  We sat on the patio, and even though it was barely 10:15am it was already screeching hot.

I ordered the mushroom & cheese omelette with a side of bacon.  The side of bacon was like double-sized!  I didn’t eat it all…I was so hot food just wasn’t doing it for me…especially hot food with hot coffee!

036 035

After breakfast we went straight home to get painting again.  After completing the painting, I had a cool shower and went shopping.  Thank you SuperStore and Walmart for your fabulous air conditioning!

I got a tasty juice


Then ate the last of the homemade potato salad.


I had started a huge pot of coffee right before FH asked if I wanted to go for breakfast, so I added some brown sugar while it was still hot and put it in a jug in the fridge to chill.  Made the perfect iced coffee in the afternoon.  Just added skim milk.


Then enjoyed a bowl of fresh cherries.  Closer to BC cherries (by that I mean juicy, plump and yummmmy), but I think these were US and friggin expensive. 


I kept waiting for the house to cool down, but that’s like waiting for Santa to arrive so eventually I gave in a made some dinner.  I really didn’t want to cook anything hot, but I decided one measly frying pan on the stovetop wouldn’t kill us.

FH bought these veggie burgers not too long ago, so I dug them out and thought I’d give them a try.  Sol Cuisine Original BurgerSoy based with few other ingredients.  Only 109 cals per patty and the patties were a decent size (and shaped like a flower!).

Certainly no substitute for a real meat patty.  I imagine that without my toppings and condiments these were actually pretty bland…and I found them a bit too mushy for my liking.  But in a pinch it was OK.

Served on a ww English muffin with marble cheddar, tomatoes, lettuce, mustard and ketchup.  A side of seared zucchini to complete the meal (just sliced and tossed in EVOO with s&p and cooked in the hot pan from the burger).

001 003 006 007

For dessert I broke into my new container of Lemon Liberte.  The thick, deeeelish Mediterranee kind.  Stirred up with the last of the fresh raspberries and blueberries.

009 010

And then the real fun began…

FH went out with a buddy to look at some cars…and asked if I wanted some ice cream.  Well of course!  Three days in a row please!  LOL.  They were going to DQ but it was so busy they went to Wendy’s instead.  They brought me a large Froster.  Yes, a LARGE.  I never order large anything.

But it was good.  and I ate the whole mother-effing thing. 


Then while watching True Blood (OMG, don’t we all just lurve lurve lurve Erik…? *gushes) I got the munchies.  Instead of taking my body’s cue that I’m dehydrated and drinking more water, I cracked open the bag of Skinny Sticks I bought…and ate the WHOLE BAG. Maui Wowie oh my!


Went to bed with a food baby.  And a gain on the scale this morning.  Surprise! 

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Paige@ Running Around Normal said...

That's such a good idea for your iced coffee! I'm going to try some brown sugar in mine next time. I usually add Sugar in the Raw. Your frosty looks SO good. :( Sad face because I'm challenging myself not to have dessert this week, haha.