Saturday, August 29, 2009


It was a HUGE food day in my world today.  I’m sitting here feeling the after-effects from a rich, delicious dinner that I didn’t have to prepare.  Yum!

Started the day by meeting a couple of the Halibloggers (Angie, Farm Girl, Tasha) plus a couple of hubbies and our friend Sarah for breakfast at Cora’s.  We love ourselves some Cora’s.

I used to always choose the fruit loaded waffle, but once I discovered Theo’s veggie omelette I’ve had trouble passing it up.  Started with coffee of course…then the omelette and a side of bacon.  The meal comes with pan fries, a bit of fruit, and toast.  I ate more toast than usual, but did save about 1/3 of my omelette and 1/2 my potatoes to bring home. 

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I figured this was going to be my main meal today so wasn’t overly concerned how big it was…um, until FH offered to make dinner.  His dinners are delicious, but his forte is rich and dreamy Italian food.  Look out tummy, it’s a comin!  :)

He calls these his stuffed shells.  The filling is a spinach & ricotta mixture, then he adds his own homemade tomato sauce, and finishes the dish with alfredo.  He brought me my plate before I had a chance to sneak into the kitchen and photograph the meal out of the oven…so instead my plate photos are a bit blurry.  Too bad because the presentation was really nice!

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With a glass of red wine of course.  Just a small glass for me…hit the spot just perfectly.


After dinner FH mentioned he had considered buying ice cream for dessert but didn’t.  I was totally fine with that since ice cream and I need to take a little break.  But about an hour later I was still craving dessert and remembered this little treat hiding in the cupboard…


Yes, OREO Jell-O pudding!  FH loves Oreo ice cream so when I saw this at the store a while back I picked it up as a surprise for him, then totally forgot about it.  Tonight I whipped up some chocolate whip cream to go on top too.  Pretty yummy treat for something I made in under 5 minutes!  :)


Now I’m sitting here in another food coma.  This storm had better pass by tonight because there’s an hour of cardio on my workout schedule for tomorrow!

In between brunch and dinner I also had a Starbucks stop (double tall vanilla non-fat latte), a bowl of cherries (deeeeelish), and made a batch of yummy no-cook granola bars (recipe tomorrow) (I only ate two today, thank God!).

028 030 038

Now I must go lay like broccoli (that will make sense to any Pretty Woman fans) and try to stay awake for at least an hour so I can sleep like a normal person tonight.  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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Anonymous said...

I never even saw you take those pics at breakfast - you are such a pro!

Lainey said...


I like Pretty Woman, and I have no idea what "lay like broccoli" means.

I made chocolate chip cookies after reading about them here. I couldn't help myself. Now I'm on a mission to experiment with the recipe I have until it's at an acceptable calorie level, but still tasty! If I could only stop eating the cookies long enough...

Anonymous said...

FH's meal looks divine, I LOVE Italian food. Mmm.

Oreo pudding? I'm definitely going to be on the look out for that next time I'm at the store!

Doug Sanders said...

I think you had eaten more than your desire. It should have been because the food look tasty in the pictures.