Thursday, August 06, 2009

Waiting for the Sun


Ugh, my eyes are itchy and tired and I have a headache.  And my shoulder hurts.  And my back hurts.  Boooo. 

Got up early to drive FH to work…only to get almost all the way there (seriously, we could see the dockyard) when we realized that he had worn his uniform home yesterday and hadn’t worn it this morning.  Ooooops.  All the way back home we came…and then back again.

I had been waffling on whether to go to the gym for a run this morning, and losing that half hour made my decision for me.  Instead I just came home to a big mug of much needed/wanted coffee and some couch time with a magazine and the last two episodes of Big Brother.


At 9am I headed on up here to get to work.  My plan has been to bang through as much as I can while I sit here and coax the sun out…it’s trying really hard!  If I can get all of my work done before I head to the chiropractor for 4pm, maybe I’ll get some deck time when I get home. *crosses fingers*

With my second cup of coffee I made breakfast.


PC BM multigrain flax bagel with crunchy organic PB and a drizzle of honey.


A clementine and half a Granny Smith apple on the side.


Around 11am I got up to move around and do some stretching.  My problem shoulder (which hasn’t really truly acted up in months) is killing me today…that shooting pain right down to my elbow again.  NOT GOOD.  Those stupid theatre seats (and unfortunately probably some unknown move at Booty Camp) aren’t good for this particular injury. 

While I was wandering around the house I grabbed a little dish of dried apricots to snack on.


I’m running low on salad fixings but I think I can crank out one more for lunch today.  My goal is to NOT eat at my desk this time!

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Lynn said...

That picture of the apricots is awesome! Looks really professional. :)

farm girl. said...

...and where was lunch?? inquiring minds want to know = )

Angie All The Way said...

Missed ya tonight - I hope you're back is better post-chiro.

Heather took pictures of the group for SNAP Halifax and I'm pretty sure my jiggly bits were captured ;-P