Thursday, August 27, 2009

Where did the day go?

Blam! It’s almost 5:00.  What?

So much for my mid-day post…I guess it’s an evening post now!!  oooops.

Continuing on with my “eat what’s on hand” menu plan for the week, I finished up the Stonyfield organic vanilla yogurt this morning (stealing the blog-popular idea of eating straight from the container to save a dish!) with fresh blueberries and a Banana Whoopie Pie crumbled in.

007 008 009

Enjoyed today’s cuppa coffee in my “memory mug” inspired by the massive amounts of emails with my blogger gal pals and the plans for our next GTG. So excited!!!


Noon workout: today was recumbent bike day.  I like the bike because I can read while I ride but I never feel quite as fulfilled.  I only burn half as many calories in the same amount of time as a run and the sense of accomplishment is a little “meh”…but it’s good to mix things up.  I go back to the treadmill tomorrow!

Also lots of core/ab work: regular (one-leg lifted) crunches, reverse crunches, and bicycle crunches.  And two full sets of eurydice’s bum exercises which I haven’t done in forever and my bum will hate me for tomorrow! 

For lunch I wanted to use up the last of the leftover haddock so for some reason chose to mash it up and mix it with some cottage cheese.  Sounds weird, but it was sooooo good!


Along with a toasted ww English muffin with light herby cream cheese and sliced vine tomatoes.  There’s just something about tomatoes and cream cheese…yummmmmm.


And then the day just flew by.  Work, Twitter, and an onslaught of Gmail from blogger gal pals will do that!

Oh, here’s Mr. Stoopy enjoying himself some Sookie Stackhouse.  What can I say, my cat has good taste in reading material.  :)

001 003

In this second shot, I think he’s working on his best “were-panther” face.  *grrrrrrr*

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Paige@ Running Around Normal said...

Love the whoopie pie! haha

Mr. Stoopy is so freakin' adorable.

Lex said...

I freakin luvvv that mug so much!!

Can never get enough of bum exercises - your bum will not hate you, it'll luv ya!

Anonymous said...

I love cottage cheese with salmon! I never thought to try it with haddock. Good idea!

Crystal said...

Mr. Stoopy looks very sophisticated and wise!! Very handsome!

Bec said...

I always find the more relaxed I am during a workout the less of a work out I actually get!

Lainey said...

I have been thinking about chocolate chip cookies since you posted about them the other day. They are my biggest weakness! As in, OMG-did-I-eat-all-those-cookies-I-just-baked biggest weakness! Do you do anything to make them healthier, or no? Recipe? *she asks with a desperate, Gollum-like gleam in her eyes*

Mr. Stoopy is so slim! Nothing like my li'l chubbos. :o) They take after their mommy. *sigh*

eurydice said...

were panther LOL - i hope they bring that story line to the small screen.