Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Achey Old Lady

Aside from healthy food porn, exercise, and discussions about oatmeal another common theme among health/food/fitness bloggers is injuries.  Aches, pains, strains, you name it.  We all seem to have something wrong with us.  Funny how the healthier and more physically fit we are, the more we seem to have wrong with us!

My main complaints…

- lower back pain – this one manifests itself in different ways at different times.  sometimes it’s just that, lower back pain…other times it creates a shooting pain in my bum, or reaches up my back.  it’s been a constant battle since I was about 15.  Chalk it up to height, growth spurts, and posture.

- neck pain – there is not a moment ever that my neck isn’t stiff and achey.  for the most part I just ignore it, but some days I can’t even turn/tilt my head…I spend a lot of time stretching my neck hoping for the one day that something just pops and everything loosens up.  I’m pretty sure that day will never come.

- shoulder/arm pain – two years ago I developed a shooting pain in my elbow.  with some chiropractic magic it seemed to go away.  figured it was just another side effect of my loopy back.  last year it returned…with a vengeance!  no warning, just wham.  pain that made my eyes water…when I was doing something as simple as sitting still!  two different chiropractors could not figure it out so I tried massage.  it helped and I don’t cry in pain anymore, but over a year later my shoulder still hurts all the time.  a sports medicine doctor says it’s related to my neck and that it will probably always be like that.  She recommended more chiro, more massage, and maybe physio.  Ya, who can afford all of that?

I have gone to a chiropractor regularly since I was 16.  In my mid-twenties I took a few years off…when I went from a standing job to a desk job a lot of my issues were alleviated.  But after being at a desk for several years the issues (and some new ones!) returned so I went back to treatments.  Any time I try not to go, I don’t make it more than a couple of months…so now I just go twice a month regardless of whether anything is currently ailing me.

- achey joints – this is the newest pain in my body.  mainly my pelvic joints…especially if i sit curled up too long, I can barely unwrap myself.  when I walk or run more than 15-20 minutes I can feel it in my hips…like bones rubbing together.  this is the one that makes me feel like an achey old lady.  on weeks when I’ve worked out a lot I can feel it in all of my joints.  when the weather changes I can feel it in my hands.  after a bit of self-diagnosis I’m pretty sure it’s the onset of osteo-arthritis.  Oh joy.  Gone are the days of arthritis being an old person’s disease.  At least I caught it early and can hopefully nip it in the bud.

Glucosamine Chondroitin is going to be my new BFF for the next 2 months.  After some easy internet research and chatting with a few real life people that have had similar issues with joint aches I am hopeful that adding this supplement to my daily menu will help repair the cartilage in my joints and help to alleviate the discomfort.  The recommendation is to take it regularly for 6-8 weeks to ensure healthy results…so I said to FH before he left that hopefully when he comes home I won’t be an achey old woman anymore!

Do you regularly visit a chiropractor, massage therapist, or other physical therapy specialist? 

Have you had to turn to vitamins, supplements, or other “medicines” due to body pain? 

Did your ailments present themselves before or after you found your way to a “healthy lifestyle”?

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Angie All The Way said...

I'm on to the Glucosamine Chondroitin stuff as well. I have yet to actually take it, but it's definitely my plan. My poor hip NEEDS whatever reinforcement I can give!

I totally know what it's like and it effing sucks to have pain!

Lainey said...

I also feel like an achey old lady most of the time. My worst spot is around my tailbone, and it extends up my back and into my hips. I also get that hip pain like you describe.

I have no faith in any treatments whatsoever--conventional or otherwise. None have ever worked for me for long, but I may try chiro again. No, wait...massage did help quite a bit. That was the only one. I'll have to look into that glucosamine stuff. Where do you get it? Anywhere?

FatFitnessFood said...

Poor achey you! My sister always asks how I can be sore all the time after a strength workout at the gym-even though I have been going for months! I guess it doesn't get that much better with time!

Gypsygirl said...

I can definately relate. I have suffered from muscle and joint issues, arthritis etc. etc. etc. since I was 5yrs old. No fun at all. I have tried everything including surgery, but massage therapy, accupunture and chiro have helped the most. Unfortunately a little on the costly side.

I know alot of people that swear by the glucosamine. Hopefully it helps

cici said...

hey, is there any difference does anyone know between a glucosamine supplement and glucosamine Chondroitin or is that just its full name? I have been taking it for about a year now and my knees click a lot less often when Im taking it. to answer your q's, I have had knee pain for a few years, it did probably get worse when I started running cause my technique was bad. Have you ever tried a course of physiotherapy? I am doing a lot of work with a physio at the moment especially to get good alignment, strengthen core, strengthen weak areas and fix imbalances and honestly its the best ever, my joints and back are feeling better everyday. just a suggestion though :) hope you feel better soon!

farm girl. said...

i sorry for the achy-ness...i'm blessed to not have much, and i know it...especially with lots of achy-ness in the fam!

hope it all brings you some relief! (if not, we can talk over coffee!)

Espressomama said...

I take a really good vitamin, Omega oil, and joint support supplement with glucosamine every day. Huge family history - parents with osteo-arthritis, sister with rhumatoid arthritis, and sister with fibromalgia. I figure I need to be prepared and do what I can. Now, if I could just get the weight off, that would solidify it all.

Anonymous said...

This post really spoke to me! Since I started exercising more regularly this year, it seems like I often have something out of whack that was caused by the exercise! The hip I pushed too far while dancing, the back I strained while weightlifting...

I have patellofemoral syndrome in my knees, which started as clicking/popping noises, then progressed to serious soreness behind my kneecaps. I started lifting weights to build up strength in my legs to support my knees better, and that has helped A LOT. I have tried glucosomine but wasn't consistent with taking it, so I'll be curious to hear your results.

My knee doc said it was important to stay strong and flexible, so I lift weights and do yoga, which has been a good combo. But I still hurt things all the time!

Lauren @ Dragonflies Journey said...

I am achey all the time it seems. And nothing really works better than a trip the chiropractor and a theraputic massage. That way all is aligned and relaxed.

Anonymous said...

Hi ya Jaime :)

I feel your pain. I've had issues in the past with my aching back and know what its like to spontainiously collapse and be in too much pain to move. I tried the chiropractor but found it was only an immediate releif but did nothing for the long term condition. I now focus more on the weight loss and strength trainning. I'm down 30lbs and that has really helped (even my joints are happy).

Ryan, his mom and my dad have all had chronic joint problems (unable to rotate thumbs, shoulder etc...she was even told the only solution would be surgery). They started taking "Serrapeptase" or "MSM" (Glucosamine derivative) and have had AMAZING results.... I mean full movement of fingers, shoulders and thumbs with absolutely NO PAIN.

I think you'll find the glucosamine will really help get rid of your pain :)

I love your bloggs and try to read them often. Stay healthy you...

Tamara said...

I might have to consider the glucosamine. I too am starting to feel hip pain. Especially in my right hip. I also have an issue with pain in my right knee and I oftentimes have stiffness in my traps on my right side. I see a massage therapist once a month for my traps and back. He says I carry all my stress in my traps and my neck. I'd be a solid mess without him.

Hmmm, see how everything is on my right side? Maybe I need to look into my ergonomics at work. Or get adjusted.


Anonymous said...


just registered and put on my todo list

hopefully this is just what im looking for, looks like i have a lot to read.