Thursday, September 10, 2009

Almost There!

…almost caught up to where I’m supposed to be on blogging that is!

Tuesday was Mom’s first full day here.  I’m working while she is here, but just sort of messing with my schedule here and there so we can still get out and do stuff.  She’s happy just being on vacay and being able to read her book in silence anyway.  :)

Breakfasts and lunches are basically still my usual…whatever is on hand. 

Coffee and a blueberry scone (had a few left in the freezer)…

054 055

For lunch I recreated the gorgeous salad from the dinner party

In the big bowl: local greens and spinach, tomatoes, carrots, Sunrise apple, blueberries, goat cheese, olive oil, honey, squeeze of lime, fresh cracked salt & pepper.

057 058

It’s nice to have someone to cook for.  FH and I haven’t really been eating the same meals the last month or so, so some of the joy of cooking has been lost for me because I like being able to share.  I have lots of chicken in the freezer so decided to break out a favorite WW recipe…Balsamic Chicken & Mushrooms.

059 060 062

Served with steamed asparagus and rice.

063 066

I didn’t make any dessert, but we might have broken out some treats in the form of Bridge Mix.  Mom has always liked Bridge Mix and as a kid I didn’t…but now I do, so I always associate it with her and feel the need to get into it when we visit.  nom nom nom.  :)

Oh and now I’m on to yesterday!  Good sign.  I might actually get caught up on all of this today…if I do indeed blog tonight.  There hasn’t been any good reason for skipping my evening posts, other than I just plain haven’t felt like it.  Sometimes a girl just needs a break from the computer, ya know.

Breakfast yesterday was just meh.  We are eating up the yogurt FH didn’t get a chance to finish before he went away, and it’s definitely not my favorite.  I’m so used to thick and creamy Liberte, that this Silhouette just seems watery and fake to me now.  But I hate waste so I had a serving with the last of the fresh blueberries and a big sprinkle of rolled oats.


With coffee of course.


And the big news is that I did go to the gym yesterday!  I haven’t been since last Thursday I think. Partially because I was lazy and partially because I wanted to see if my bum pain would subside without a workout.  It didn’t so I’m pretty sure the two aren’t related.  Had a great 20 minute treadmill run, followed by a solid ab/core workout…including back and side extensions, butterfly kicks, scissor kicks, reverse crunches and regular crunches.  It’s been a long time since I actually felt the pain in my abs while working out which reminded me that I need to be working harder more often!

I had to race home to shower and make lunch before my weekly conference call. 

Blue Menu multigrain flax bagel with light herby cream cheese and sliced tomatoes.  Served with incredibly juicy local canteloupe.  Deeeeelish.


I traded Larabars with Mom.  She got to try my much talked about favorite…Coconut Cream Pie (I forgot to ask if she liked it!) and she brought me a Cocoa Coconut Chew.


Verdict is that I’m not a fan of the chocolatey Larabars.  They fill the void but the taste isn’t my thing.

And since I had such a busy day, we decided to head out for dinner.  Mom didn’t care where we went and I gave her a few ideas, then we chose The Armview.  Seriously, I’d pick that place like every time I just want a simple, tasty meal.  Yum!!

I had my usual dinner favorite…the chicken souvlaki with fries.  So good!  and a diet Coke.


Mom had one of their amazing burgers.  Made me think I should have one next time I’m there. 


Afterwards we just puttered through Walmart for a couple of things then came home to hang out watching TV again (thankfully Mom is a SYTYCD fan too!).  Treats in the form of jujubes may have made there way onto the coffee table… :)  Funny how I don’t seem to have pics of the treats lately, eh?  hmmmm…almost like I was trying to hide them!!  bwahahaha.

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Anonymous said...

Good job on making it to the gym!

Krista said...

Nah, I don't like the chocolate ones either... they taste weird!

Angie P said...

congrats on getting back into the gym! I'm gonna have to find that flavor of larabar!

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Thanks for making me drool all over my keyboard. I'm eating vicariously through you!

JavaChick said...

I didn't care for the Cocoa Coconut Chew LaraBars either, which surprised/disappointed me, because it sounded like something I would like.

I broke down and ordered a case of the Coconut Cream Pie ones though, because it's been ages since I've found any around here and they arrived yesterday. Yay!

Kim said...

I'm with ya on the chocolate flavored Larabars. They don't taste bad, but they don't even slightly resemble a chocolate flavor to me. No problem though! I LOVE the coconut cream pie and the peanut butter cookie, not to mention at least 5 others!

GarlicBOSS said...

Scones...because they are better than muffins?

eurydice said...

your pictures are making me drool - tell me - do you plate your food so nicely especially for photo ops? because mine never looks so lovely on the plate!