Friday, September 25, 2009

Around the Internet

So I constantly think I should have at least one weekly post that everyone can count on.  You know, one that comes up at the same time every week and has a theme.  Since I’m so scattered with my blogging (is she going to post once or twice?  is she going to post in the morning?  will she get here before midnight?) I think this might be a good idea.

Let’s try it!

My ideaFun stuff I find on the internet each week.  Maybe food related, maybe health related, maybe blog related, possibly TV related, but maybe just completely random.  I suppose we shall see!

The dayI chose Fridays because that gives everyone all weekend to cruise by and check these out without too many other posts going up. 


1 – Starbucks Channel on YouTube – currently running their series of videos for the launch of VIA, their new instant coffee packets.  Worth watching.  Seriously.  (You had to know Starbucks would make my list, right?)

2 – Oprah Kickoff Flash Mob – seriously coolest thing I’ve seen in a while.  Although I am easily impressed.  :)  (hopefully this link continues to work since the video keeps getting pulled due to copyright infringements)

3 – The best Summer salad, ever.  Or so they say anyway.  Of course I love this because of the serving size:  “Serves -- 1 adult a really huge salad”.  If only they’d said “bigass salad”.

4 – Eight Health Foods with Super Powers – yup, we read this stuff on blogs, etc everyday…but it’s still a good reminder.  And happily I already eat most of these foods on a weekly basis.  :)

5 – Just for Haligonians!  A new creperie in town.  Chez Tess.  If I can’t coordinate with friends to go there, I’m checking this one out on my own!


Week One down.  I wonder if I can keep this up.  Leave me a comment if you found this useful, useless, fun, boring, lame, great, worth keeping?  Happy Weekend.

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Tamara said...

I love Feature Friday. I get stuck in a rut with what I look at online. It's great to have some new ideas.

I'll be looking for those PC patties too! I didn't even know they existed.

Anonymous said...

Great idea. i like it :)

Kim said...

love it!

Natalie said...

I like seeing what other people find cool on the net. Great idea!