Thursday, September 03, 2009

Big Bad Bucket

I forgot to mention that while in getting my inaugural Pumpkin Spice Latte the other day, I might have perused the sale shelf and bought another mug.  For those of you that haven’t been reading long, I seem to have a Starbucks mug addiction collection.  I said to FH this weekend that it’s getting harder and harder to choose which mug to use each day.  tee hee.


This one goes with the red one that Angie got me for my birthday and I love them both!

Along with my blue mug coffee I had two of my Choco-Cran-Almond bars and a bowl of fresh strawberries for breakfast.  I just wasn’t in the mood to cook or mix anything so this did the trick.


Lunch was just a quick bowl of yogurt, blueberries and hulled hemp seeds.  The yogurt is strawberry Silhouette which I normally wouldn’t buy anymore, but FH bought the strawberry for himself by accident so rather than waste it I’ll eat it up. 


We decided to go to the movies tonight so I knew I wouldn’t have time for the gym (and I didn’t get there for noon…the noon plan isn’t working so well this week!) so I went around 4:00 when there was a lull in work (the whole sales team was en route to Vegas so a nice break in emails and such for a little bit).

Today was elliptical day…so 20 mins of cross-country, with a 3 minute cool down.  Followed by ab/core work:  2 sets of 15: back extensions, regular crunches, bicycle crunches, and reverse crunches.  Also 2 sets of hamstring curls on the ball and a one minute plank.  Sweat is beautiful…haha.

Post gym snack was just a quick multigrain tortilla rolled up with Cinnamon Raisin PB.


FH was busy running around trying to pack up his bike and get ready for his trip to Winnipeg.  He’s making an impromptu trip for a week to take his son to his first day of school (yes, insert awwwwwww here).  :)  So I just made up a quick dinner for myself.

My meal plan says tortilla “pizzas”…but I took that pretty loosely.  I didn’t have any open tomato sauce and didn’t want to open anything for just a couple of tablespoons, so instead used hummus.

I roasted up some fresh veggies with just EVOO and s&p in a 400 degree oven for about 10 minutes (turn at 5 mins).  Yellow zucchini, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, red onion and a big clove of garlic.


Put those on top of two small multigrain tortillas spread with lemon dill hummus, sprinkled lightly with parmesan cheese and put back in the oven for about 3 minutes until melty.

014 015 

Definitely not pizza by any stretch of the imagination but it still tasted awesome!


I saved room in my day for some movie popcorn.  Yum!!  Um, but I kind of went overboard.  I got a bucket because it was the best deal to get a big drink with (for FH…I bring my own water) but then I proceeded to eat it all.  Sometimes I should just pay for the big drink and not get the deal!  Oh well.  It was totally worth it taste wise…that was the tastiest, freshest movie popcorn I’ve had in ages.  :)


Oh, we saw Inglourious Basterds.  It was pretty good.  Brad Pitt’s lines are laugh out loud funny throughout the whole movie.  It got a little slow in the middle and they could have sped through some stuff, but other than that I liked it.  Totally Tarantino with ridiculous gratuitous violence…I had to cover my eyes A LOT!! 

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Vanessa (Last Night's Leftovers) said...

Tarantino is a God...but that movie definitely didn't have to be so long!

Cat said...

drooling over movie popcorn....

I think we might see that this weekend....

GarlicBOSS said...

nice meals

Heather said...

If you were in Bayers, DBF went to the same movie last He really enjoyed it

mmmm...popcorn :)

Anonymous said...

Love the new mug!

Angie All The Way said...

I definitely love the mug! I have to restrain myself every time I go in there not to buy a mug. The only reason I don't is because I have no room in my cupboards!