Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cucumber Rolls


Have you ever noticed how many sushi rolls contain cucumber? A lot.  We learned that tonight because Mom doesn’t like cucumber and every roll I wanted to order had cucumber in it.  LOL.  The only one we could agree on was the sweet potato roll, but I honestly don’t consider that sushi.  When I’m in the mood for sushi, I want fishie!

Conveniently Mom had already decided that she’d have teriyaki dish or something anyway…so that’s what she did.  What a Mommy!  :)


Green tea to drink, of course.


We shared the two tempura plates to start.  One is mixed veggie.  One is shrimp.


Super yummy, but price-wise the shrimp was a rip-off.  For $8.95 I expect more than four shrimp.  They had excellent tempura though.


Mom’s meal came with a miso soup and I didn’t want to be left out so ordered one for myself.  Miso soup is always so whole-body warming…comfort soup.


Not really thinking about the fact that I was having appies, I ordered three rollsSpicy tuna (my fave!!), California, and Philadelphia.

The tuna did not disappoint.  Deeeeelish.


The Cali was good but I thought this restaurant used canned crab meat, not fake crab so I was a little disappointed.


The Philly was OK, but I don’t like the salmon being on the outside of the roll, and the cuke pieces were way too big.  What happened to the usual way of julienne cucumbers??  Tasty but not a texture sensation for me.


I do love leftovers though.  I was so full that I left more than an entire roll for lunch tomorrow.  nom nom nom.

Oh ya, and Mom’s dinner came with dessert which I presumed would be an itty bitty scoop of ice cream…but when it arrived it was two big scoops so I obviously had to request a spoon.  mmmmmm Mango!  (haha, and I don’t even really like mango, but it was good ice cream!)


Aside from dinner we just a quick trot around the mall, got a few treats (saved for the weekend), and came home to watch the results of SYTYCD that we taped.  Bye bye krump girl…I liked you but you hit a wall.

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Cat said...

oh no....she was my favorite!

Miz said...


Id love sushi today. can you ask my bank account if it's ok?

I swear thats the biggest reason I need to be rich :) I love me some sushi and sashimi.

Have a great weekend.


Fatinah said...

my husband could eat sushi every day. daughter likes seafood, but never wanted to try. I don't eat anything out of the water. We finally got her to try it and now she loves it!! When we go, they go crazy grabbing dishes (we go to a boat place). I wait patiently for the boats to go around to find the two plates of edaname and an order of tempura yams..... mmmmm. Turns out that even though we all have different degrees of loving fish product we can all still go there for dinner and it is great family time!

Tamara said...

I've never considered myself a sushi snob but I'd be tempted to send the fake crab Cali roll back!

Sounds like a great time with you Mom though! What a nice visit you're having.

Angie All The Way said...

I'm due for some sushi methinks. Yeah I think $9 for 4 shrimp is a little steep!

Anonymous said...

mmmmm, I am SO glad that I was already planning on going for sushi tomorrow night!!! Otherwise I would have me a craving!!!!

Yeah, I don't even know where to start!!!

I pay about $9 for the vegetable tempura...and I think for $11 you can get assorted which has one of each veggie AND 3 shrimp, so that DEFINITELY sounds like a rip off!!!

And I agree with you! Most sushi I have had, the veggies are cut SUPER thin (julienned) and the crab meat was cut up as well...I would hate to have just a chunk of fake crab in my sushi!!!
Also, most places that I have had spicy tuna, the fish was tossed in an orange spicy sauce (it was weird to see it dark red for me, what do they use for the spice???)

And I was also interested to see fish roe on the cali rolls!!!

Seriously, I am all curious about your sushi experience!!! It all looked so different from what I am used to, but OH SO TASTY at the same time!!!!

Oh, and last thing, I think it's weird too to have fish on the outside of a roll...I like sashimi over rice, but I don't want it mixed with other stuff...

Who knew I could go on and on about sushi????

eurydice said...

i don't like cucumber either but i find it's not overpowering in sushi ... mmmmm i think i'll have some tomorrow - my bf lives over a sushi restaurant!