Saturday, September 05, 2009

I Loves Me a Farmers Market!

And sadly…this was the first one I’ve been to all Summer!

But happily it was a great one!

While Angie, Lynn and I were trying to plan our Eat Atlantic Challenge Dinner Party we included Farm Girl in our emails because she often knows where the good farmer’s markets and local produce can be found.  I’ve only been here a year and a half so I love learning about or finding new places!

As luck would have it Farm Girl was able to remind us that every Friday (until Oct-9th…just FYI) there is a Partners for Care Farmers Market at Victoria General Hospital in downtown Halifax.


I stopped by on my way downtown to meet Angie and Farm Girl for lunch, and (after taking a while to find it…don’t send the new girl to find a hidden gem!) I pretty much hit jackpot.  :)


First of all, it was absolutely gorgeous outside so a great day for looking at farm fresh local goodies, and second because of Eat Atlantic Day the market was really busy because the Minister of Agriculture was going to be stopping by.  (Glad I got there before he did!).

Anyway…I walked away with almost everything I needed for my share of our dinner party (plus extras!).


At Noggins Farm stand the fella explained to me about his different Nova Scotia apples and sent me on my way with his last basket of Sunrise apples.  Crisp, sweet and beautiful.  Only $3!


(these are actually Gravenstein apples…I’d already packed up my purchase)

At Julien’s Pastry Shop I picked up a loaf of gorgeous, fresh sourdough bread.  We enjoyed it with real butter later and it was devine!  $3.75.  Can’t beat that for homemade carby goodness.


The tastiest find of the day was an amazing pint of orange cherry tomatoesDefinitely the hit of the day!  Again, only $3 and totally worth every penny.  I didn’t note the farm name, but looking at the list I have I’m pretty sure it was As You Like It Farm


I purchased the most from Elmridge Farms.  Their stand seemed to be the busiest by far.  They had the largest selection and everything was big, beautiful, and lovely.  Here I got fresh mixed greens, amazing fresh spinach, valley blueberries, a purple pepper, fingerling potatoes, and a huge bag of snap peas to munch on.  I think I spent maybe $14.

012 013  015 014

We had hoped I might pick up some Atlantic meat while I was there and although there were a couple of excellent stands I just couldn’t find anything that caught my eye.  We didn’t want to spend a fortune so I passed them by for this time.  Instead I stopped by The Fish Store truck on my way out and picked up a bag of yummy scallops.  A pound for $10! 


Now I just have to eat it all up so I can go back again next week!!  :)

Stay tuned for how a lot of this was used for our “girl’s night in” dinner party last night…

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GarlicBOSS said...

Wonderful produce!

Cat said...

That market looks amazing! The bread along is enough to send me into a drool fest! Looks like you girls had lots of delicious eats, and even better company!


Angie All The Way said...

The bread and the cheese were absolutely AWESOME!!!! I can't stop thinking about our salad either!! *drool* I'm definitely hitting up that market after vacay!

Lex said...

Oh wow everything looks fantastic!
i'm going to have to find this place and hit it up in the next month!!

Eco Yogini said...

Cool! I was wondering how the farmer's market at the VG was doing- I have every alternate friday off and I keep considering going, as it's later in the morning and I can BARELY get up early enough to brave the crowded masses at the brewery! :)

You've convinced me to go this week :)
(found you through Angie's blog!) WOOT Halifax!