Monday, September 28, 2009

Instant Fun

Lookie what I happened upon while out getting a fresh bag of Starbucks Verona for my morning pot ‘o’ coffee…

VIA samples! 

IMG_4819 IMG_4820

They are launched tomorrow so the store was setting up tonight before closing.  I don’t know why I’m excited about instant coffee packets.  LOL.  Probably just because they are from Starbucks and I’ve been enjoying their video posts on the Starbucks Channel

The girl did explain why these are different than other instant coffees.  It’s actually super finely ground coffee beans, as opposed to whatever those crystals are that you usually find.  What I thought was cool is she also told me that these can be disolved in cold water!  How handy is that?

Anyway…I digress. 

A cool and gloomy day here in Halifax.  I wanted oatmeal, but I have banana bread to use up, so made a bread pudding of sorts instead.

Broken up banana bread with organic vanilla yogurt and sliced banana.




Coooooookie.  Damn you Whoppers.  :)


Not feeling lunch today but the pears are finally perfectly ripe.  Sliced one up…so sweet and deeeelish.  With the last of the good extra old white cheddar.

IMG_4812 IMG_4814

In keeping with the comfort food theme I’ve had going on I steamed up some fresh brussel sprouts (yes, I realized today that I consider brussel sprouts to be comfort food…must be because I always associate them with Christmas dinner).  


Served with a leftover serving of the tuna-noodle-casserole-thingy.


Completing the evening with a little reading, blogging, some new Dexter and tea & cookies.  nom nom nom.  Hopefully early to sleep tonight and a proper sleep, resulting in NOT sleeping through my alarm!  I purposely skipped the gym yet again today because I’m certain an evening workout would keep me up.  Boooo.


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Cat said...

Those cookie things look amazing. I can imagine curling up with tea and one of those....yummm...

Angie All The Way said...

Everything about this post makes me DROOL!

Is the instant coffee any good I wonder?

FatFitnessFood said...

Yeah I'm drooling as well. Great photos today. Free samples are always fun, but especially fun for coffee!

JavaChick said...

Ugh. Brussels Sprouts. Wish I liked them, but I just don't. The rest looks good though!

Kelly said...

You had me at Starbuck's.
So this will only be sold in their stores? I'm calling up my Starbucks today to see if theyhave any. mmmm.....
I like that it can dissolve in cold water too. I bet I can make some wicked frappucinos with those. :)

Jen said...

I am VERY curious about the instant coffee!!!!

I had to giggle about the brussel sprouts as comfort food (I am on the fence about brussel sprouts, though I will try them again at thanksgiving!) but at least you had cookies on there too!!!!

Bee said...

We've been waiting for this day for a while.
Via hit stores this morning. Avail in 3 packs and 12 packs!

I've most definatly had my fair share of samples this morning! :)

Hope you liked it, Jaime!!